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Blog BBW is more than pleased to give you Marilyn White, a girl who has just got into the world of bbw modeling and who has already become one of the most popular names on bbw blogs and who has been gaining fans with every new set that she puts out. And there are more than a few reasons why this is. The first of the reasons is her smile and her mischievous nature. She really gets involved in her sets and you can see that she is having tons of fun.

For instance, in this particular shoot, Marilyn is playing the role of a sexy nerdy girl with glasses and with a relatively conservative outfit. However, she is soon getting out of that outfit because deep down, she is a naughty girl who wants to share her creamy goodness with the world. She is soon only wearing her tiny thongs and a shirt that cannot contain her majestic boobs. She lets them slip out and we get to see those magnificent mammaries on display for our viewing pleasure. Remember her name as you will be seeing much more from her in the future.

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Charlie Cooper is the perfect example of what makes bbw babes so great. She is one hell of a cutie and she knows that her body can make guys all over this world lose their minds. The reason why we wanted to share this gallery with you here at Blog BBW is that we do not remember we have seen Charlie getting this sexy and this free with her bazongas. It is one of those sets that you might find at other bbw blogs, but we can assure you that this is the best quality you can get.

Charlie is being really playful here. She starts things off by wearing a supertight purple dress which shows off her stunning rack. You can just imagine what it is like when she finally releases those pups of hers and the best thing is that she does. She knows that the best way to make the guy lust for her is to deliver after some fine teasing. And when Charlie delivers, you better be there to see it! Her knockers have to be one of the most epic pairs this planet has ever seen and she is more than happy to share them with you

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The reason why we started Blog BBW is that we wanted to treat you to the stuff you will not find at other bbw blogs. For instance, we know that they can be skimpy on good old fashioned bbw porn and we have decided to rectify this. For example, check out this spectacular scene with Daphne, everyone’s favorite blond bombshell. Her knockers are two of the most luscious and creamy hills of pure pleasure and she has the face and the smile of a supermodel.

IN this scene, Daphne is doing what she does best- pleasing a guy with her insane skill. She works on that cock with all she’s got, slobbering all over it and then getting her tight vanilla pussy slammed like never before. The guy cannot believe his luck as he buries his head between those mounds of bbw pleasure and as he drills Daphne hard. She welcomes that humongous facial like it was the tastiest thing in the world. She truly is one cock-hungry bbw slut. If you miss out on this amazing scene, it will only be your loss. Trust us when we tell you that you do not want to miss a second of it.

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We love BBW porn here at Blog BBW. This is why we are always trying to raise the bar for other bbw blogs with our fantastic porn scenes like this one. It is a scene with Andi, one of the most popular bbw pornstars working today and it is hot as the sun. It is not really that hard to figure out why she is such a popular porn actress once you see this chubby babe getting busy with that fat dick. She is just such a performer and you see that it is not only a performance. She is having the time of her life.

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Blog BBW is proud to present wish to you. This girl is simply one of the prettiest bbw cuties you will ever see in your life, but be warned. She is much, much more than the sweet ebony princess that you will see in these pics. She is a young cutie who is just out of her teens and who has the tastiest pair of natural 38D boobs that are simply stunning. Her booty is everything you could wish from a booty and that smile of hers can make a guy fall in love with her in seconds.

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