10 apps that will make life easier for traveling and before traveling

Travell apps

The technology has made our way to travel much easier and comfortable. From social networks that allow us to meet people in the countries of destination to the websites that publish reviews on accommodations and restaurants, to which we have little sense of direction, keep it in the mobile has been like the MANA, our smartphone has become an indispensable ally of our trips. It is true that we can forget about him on and off, but if you are one of those who use it as a modern compass of the century, here you have 10 apps that will make your travel easier and more comfortable.


One of the aspects that we all face when we travel to a new city is how to move through it. Obviously, we can always walk to places close- in fact, it is hers, but at the time that the distances get older, playing pull public transport. Train, metro, tram, bus … Citymapper is responsible for creating your journeys in the medium you choose, given a point of departure and one arrival. Easier impossible, and are in continuous expansion. So far, more than 30 cities have available and are growing.

Travell apps

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XE Currency

How many times have you looked at how is the change to the currency of the country you’re traveling? Surely, over the weeks before the trip, many. Trying to decide when is the best time to change. XE Currency is the perfect app to have controlled the currency market, how much is each about your money and what the developments that have taken in recent days.


When you plan things in advance, the main advantage is the money you can save in two of the major expenses of almost any trip: accommodation and flights. Hopper is responsible for analyzing thousands of daily flights, just say from where you want to go and where you want to go. And if you are flexible with dates, you will be sent a warning telling you if there is a substantial drop in prices. You can save up to 40%, which in depending on which paths is not negligible.


If you already have the plane, now plays take a look at the accommodation. And one of the most economical and interesting options are often the hostels. Hostelworld is already one of the reference pages in this field, and its app is positioning itself as a seeker of the most practical at the time, above all, to improvise. Did you come up a tour of a couple of days with which did not count on your itinerary? No problem. Enter this app and looking for a hostel economical and suits your needs. Book it from within the application and go.


If you prefer to take things more slowly and the budget is not a problem, Stayful helps you find rooms in hotels of a certain standing, so to speak. You tell what budget you have and what type of accommodation are looking for, and the app analyzes the market to offer a solution that fits your needs. If you accept, the app negotiates with the hotel in question to accept your budget and you manage the reserve. There is nothing.


You may be one of those travelers to the adventure and all they know is when they will return … but not when or where they will stay. But if you are someone who prefers to have things more or less tied hand and, TripIt is an app that will help you get it. Basically it allows you to create your itinerary including flights, restaurants and places you visit. In addition, simply by sending confirmation emails from your hotel or flight it includes it automatically. For the most organized, it is a joy.

Packing Pro

Another nightmares is clueless travelers reach the destination … and discover that you forgot my phone charger, pajamas, Kindle or that fundamental and essential object without traveling is not the same. It has a solution? Yes, there is almost nothing that is not replaceable in a store, but if you prefer to organize better, yours is having Packing Pro. This app lets you create a list of things to put in the suitcase, or in the backpack. So you can go pointing what is happening you go calmly and, eventually, packing without you left nothing out. It seems too simple and maybe it is, but surely you’ve ever had that feeling, coming home way to the airport, that you forget something. Never more!


We all know Google Maps. In fact, it does not take an inveterate traveler to use it how many times have you brought me out of a jam in my own city. But the main problem is the connection you need. If you are in a country that has not signed roaming and WiFi is absent, Maps.me is what you need. It allows you to store routes and maps offline so that when you find yourself in the middle of the jungle -natural or asphalt – prohibitive and data, you’ll reach your destination easily and without getting lost.


With craving for a particular dish? There are lots of applications and websites that collect reviews on restaurants but Foodspotting lets you know what the most delicious dishes are in the area where you are. So when you enter the restaurant turn, you will know if that sea bass back is ten … or does not exceed escallop sad.


If you are someone who like to keep a diary of what they have done on their travels, but that walk typing and recording everything does not make you too much grace, LiveTrekker is your app. This application is recording your steps and allows you to add notes and pictures of the most interesting points. A kind of digital diary most useful to preserve your memories easily. For more ideas and reviews visit http://wikimodel.org/

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