10 Ways To Discover Barbados – An Island Soaked In Rum

10 Ways To Discover Barbados - An Island Soaked In Rum

Do you want exotics? Do you dream of a vacation that will forever remain in your memory? Welcome to Barbados, a country whose inhabitants know how to rejoice at every moment, cook deliciously, celebrate holidays and take guests on a grand scale!

Sandy beaches, rich cultural heritage, rum and an abundance of fish delicacies, noisy festivals and benevolent people – all this is definitely worth it to decide on a long flight. Pack your bags, ladies, and gentlemen, waiting for you in a fairy tale!10 Ways To Discover Barbados - An Island Soaked In Rum

Best Beaches of Barbados

Barbados is Paradise for those who go on vacation behind a bronze tan and like to swim. On the island there are more than 80 beaches covered with snow-white sand, some of them appear in the most beautiful in the world. Accra Beach in Rockley is one of the most popular among tourists, thanks to a convenient traffic junction and developed infrastructure. Archer’s Bay in St. Lucy – a small wild beach 25 kilometers from the capital, where they come in search of seclusion. Families with children prefer to relax on the Hastings Rocks beach in Christ Church District.10 Ways To Discover Barbados - An Island Soaked In Rum

Bathsheba Beach in St. Joseph is ideal for surfing, Batts Rock in St. Michel was liked by snorkelers, and Brandon’s, located nearby – fans of fishing and kayaking. One of the most picturesque beaches of the island is the Bottom Bay in St. Philip, but it is not recommended to swim there because of strong waves.

A beach holiday in Barbados can be diversified with active rest, excursions trip around the island and visiting interesting places.

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What else to do in Barbados? 10 tips:

  1. Walk on foot in the historic districts of the capital Bridgetown. The old town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a fine example of British colonial architecture. Split in two in Broad Street, where brisk trade is taking place, it hides a lot of interesting sights. Having inspected Chamberlain Bridge and the neo-gothic Parliament building, be sure to visit the port wherein any of the small bars you can skip a glass of another excellent Roma in the company of local fishermen. We also recommend visiting Queen’s Park, where the largest baobab in the Caribbean grows – 15 adults will be needed to hug his trunk! Do not ignore the Heroes’ Square – a skillful copy of Trafalgar Square in London, St. Michael’s Cathedral, which has already celebrated its 200th anniversary,
  2. Visit the picturesque fish market in the town of Oistins, which runs night on Friday and Saturday. Here you can buy seafood and souvenirs of local craftsmen, as well as try Barbados delicacies (for example, swordfish on the grill) and till the morning dance directly on the streets in the company of local residents.
  3. Take a walk along the two-kilometer embankment leading from Hastings to the beach of Coconut Court Beach. Along the way, you can relax in the shade of palm trees, enjoy the scent of blossoming cassia, and also look into one of the small bars on the coast, where you will get delicious rum and intimate conversations.10 Ways To Discover Barbados - An Island Soaked In Rum
  4. Once again, give credit to the most talented architect – nature. To do this, it is enough to visit one of the most famous not-miraculous sights of the island – the cave of Harrison’s Cave: walk through the many confusing tunnels, see the Great Hall in the height of 30 meters or the so-called “village” with waterfalls, giant stalactites, and stalagmites. You can walk on the cave on foot or on a special tourist tram.
  5. Learn how the population of Barbados lived during the colonial period, looking into one of the traditional houses “châtel” (chattel house). In these wooden buildings, which could easily be moved from place to place, workers from plantations and their families lived. The uniqueness of the houses is that they built them without a single nail, which made it possible, if necessary, to dismantle the building into blocks and install it on a new foundation. This was necessary because the workers did not own the land on which they lived, and, in case of dismissal, they had to leave it.
  6. Visit one of the many festivals that are held in Barbados. For example, Crop Over – a holiday in honor of the end of the collection of sugar cane (July-August). Within the framework of this event, performances of musical collectives, fairs, and a sea of flowers, colorful costumes, and delicious delicacies await you! Gourmets are advised to schedule a visit to the island in the second half of November when there is a festival of rum, wine, and food. Leading chefs and sommeliers of the world gather in Barbados to surprise the guests with their talents!10 Ways To Discover Barbados - An Island Soaked In Rum
  7. Visit the factory, which produces the most popular export rum “Mount Gay”. The guesthouse, located in the suburb of Bridgetown, has an exposition dedicated to the 300-year history of the production of this alcoholic beverage in Barbados. During the tour, you will learn about the stages of the rum on the way to the store shelves, take part in the tasting (carefully, the portions are generous!) And you can buy branded souvenirs. The cost of the tour is from $ 15 to $ 70.
  8. Communicate with the inhabitants of Barbados forests in the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. It is located on the outskirts of the Farley Hill National Park, populated by green monkeys, iguanas, turtles, parrots and pink flamingos … There are also guests from abroad: caimans, agouti, armadillos. In the cells are only dangerous animals, for the rest can be observed in the natural environment. To guarantee to see monkeys, come here during feeding, about 14 hours.10 Ways To Discover Barbados - An Island Soaked In Rum
  9. Conquer the water element. In Barbados, you can swim with turtles, go snorkeling to coral reefs, go in for kayaking, surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing.
  10. Ride the island on the authentic Bajan Bus. This is one of the first types of Barbados public transport, which is now used for group and individual excursions. You can book a trip on any route, drinks, and food on the way, accompanied by a guide.

10 Ways To Discover Barbados - An Island Soaked In RumBrief information about Barbados

Currency: Barbados Dollar (rate to US dollar – 2 to 1). In tourist, cities take US dollars, as well as credit cards.

Conditions of entry: citizens of Ukraine can stay in the country without a visa for up to 28 days, to cross the border need a passport and a return ticket.

English language.

High beach season: December to June.

Airport: 14 kilometers from the capital, Bridgetown, is located Grantley Adams International Airport. You can get to the main resort towns from there by bus, anywhere on the island you will be taken by a taxi (there are no meters in the cars, the rates are fixed).

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