Youtube SEO : How To Position Videos Professionally

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Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO? The SEO for videos or the so-called “Youtube SEO” is the set of techniques used to position videos in the top positions on YouTube. Getting these first positions, can make us win many reproductions in our video and use it to:

Branding Strategies: Make our brand more visible by showing interesting videos for our audience.

Direct traffic to our website or blog: It can be, of course, a new source of quality organic traffic to achieve leads and sales.

Earn money directly: As long as we have a channel that adapts to YouTube policies, we can enroll it in the Youtube partners program, and earn money by inserting advertising.

As in all SEO tasks, positioning videos requires producing good material and investing time to optimize it and disseminate it to try to achieve results. This is not immediate and many users can ask themselves if it really is worth investing hours in this purpose. To clear these doubts I’m going to bet several reasons that for me are of weight.

According to a study by Emarketer, in 2017, 70% of the content that we will consume will be video. This means that every time we read less and the video manages to capture the attention of the users much better.

Your potential customers, like that of most companies, retain much better in their mind a video content compared to audio and text.

Youtube SEOVideo content is “viralized” much better on social networks

The “oversaturation” of the written content. There are currently more than 1 billion blogs in the world. That your competition for SEO in written format.

YouTube is the 2nd most important search engine in the world. The great point to note is the following. We have stopped seeing only viral videos within the platform, now, every time we do more searches within youtube. That’s a great opportunity to position videos for relevant keywords.

Once we are determined to face it, there are important elements that you should take into account:

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Create a YouTube channel taking care of the image and design

At this point, you need a good name for the channel, a decent logo (you can create yours for free on platforms like this one), a cover background (on platforms like Fiverr, there are designers who for $ 5 will do it), think in the categories that you are going to create and finally, prepare the design of the so-called “thumbnails”. All this, will help to gain subscribers and CTR in the videos. Relevant points for the positioning of videos. The first visual impact with your channel must be taken care of. To create a YouTube channel, here is an article that can help you.

Youtube SEODo a keyword study

Before I commented that users are doing more and more searches on YouTube and that we must take advantage of it. In recent times, there have been difficulties in finding tools and methodologies for this. The main reason is that google’s keyword tools do not have a specific section for “youtube seo” techniques. However, there are always alternative paths. To solve this point, I leave the following video, it is in English, but it is short, simple and direct:

Study your competitors

I am one of those who think that you cannot launch yourself into a market without knowing with whom “you are going to hit”. At least, spend a couple of hours to see which channels are well positioned and get some quality metrics: How do the descriptions, rate of publication, in what keywords are up in the search engine, if they have activity in social networks, what videos are the most reproduced, if they pay attention to the comments of the users, special actions that they use to attract subscribers …. With this, you will be able to shorten time to get right with your strategy.

Relevant factors for SEO on YouTube

What I will do at this point is to note the factors that are taken into account to position videos on YouTube. The smartest thing is to try different combinations of them, open an excel table and analyze the results. I do it that way and it works very well for me.

Youtube SEOLet’s go for it! These factors are the following:

Authority of the channel that publishes the video

This certainly helps. In order to position videos on a regular basis we need our channel to have subscribers. As the channel progresses, that authority will rise and it will be easier to obtain organic reach with the videos.

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Title of the video

In the title of the video, it is important to enter the main keyword. For this, the study of keywords must be well done. And to be able to be, the keyword located in the left part, thus will have more strength. It is also important to be eye-catching and attractive to win in CTR.

Tags and category

This is an interesting point because the best option is to look at the competition. Many users put the category by logic, but sometimes there may be another that works better. Simply, to leave doubts, we do a search with the keyword we want to position and check the category of the first 3 videos. As for the tags, we are going to analyze those same videos. We go to one of them, click on the right button, we give “control + F” and in the search engine we put the word “tag”. So we’ll see what metakeywords have been used in the video.

Video description

In this section, often enough people fail. To index the video well, it will help a lot to introduce a generous text, about 400-500 words. In the text, you will need the insertion of the relevant keywords and something that helps a lot is to introduce the links of the social networks of the youtube channel or the blog associated with the channel. This description should summarize the most important points explained in the video.

Youtube SEOInitial impulse when we publish the video

The moment we release a video, we need to broadcast it as soon as possible. It is crucial to capture likes, comments, shares and visits quickly. If we get it, YouTube itself will recommend the video and increase its viral spread.

Video links and inserts

The link building, here is also important. Quality links will also help. To deepen with this, I leave the presentation of a webinar that I gave for semrush where I deal with the subject of how to get quality links

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Video quality and audience retention

In the last year, analytical metrics for SEO are gaining importance. Within the youtube analysis tools, you have a tab called “audience retention”. There you can draw conclusions of the type of content that best engages with your audience. In this line, it is relevant to use the so-called “annotations” within the videos. These links help to gain subscribers and allow users to switch to another video on your channel.

Anyway, if you follow these steps, you will see that the so-called “YouTube SEO” is not so complicated . There are still many opportunities to exploit, you just have to execute a sensible strategy well and have patience.

Do you want to contribute some other important element for the positioning of videos on Youtube? I’m all ears.

Youtube SEO5 New Youtube SEO tricks to position videos professionally

If something is clear is that YouTube SEO can make you achieve success? With good video content and the steps we mentioned above, you have it very easy.

But, in case you still do not believe in the effectiveness of YouTube SEO, I mention three new reasons with which you’ll end up giving me the reason:

In 2015, 64% of people connected to the Internet were watching a video . It is estimated that this percentage will increase to 69% in 2017 and 79% in 2018.

According to a Forbes study, more than 80% of business directors watch more videos than a year ago.

Each week, 78% of users watch video content and 55% watch it daily.

In order for your YouTube content to grow in positioning, we have added 5 Youtube SEO tricks for you to position yourself professionally:

1. Name your files for YouTube

Like the files you upload to your web page or blog, they must be renamed with keywords , your videos as well.

To achieve a good position on YouTube, you must rename your video file with the appropriate keywords, such as the title of the video or its tags. Avoid the generic names with which your video is saved and get the best position.

2. Add subtitles to your videos

If you want to do a job 10, you can add subtitles to your content . It is a task that will take a little time, but it is not necessary to make a literal transcription of everything that is said, but to make summaries of all the information.

In this way you will reach more audiences, such as people with hearing problems or who speak a different language. You will find all the steps to follow to create your subtitles by clicking here .

3. Organize the content of your video

So that users do not lose interest in your content, you must take into account different aspects. The narration has to be clear, simple and if it is dynamic better.

When starting the video, it would be nice to make an introduction. Explain that you are going to tell and how you will do it, for example, the order of the content, the time you will invest in each topic, etc. At the end of the video, you can make a small conclusion with what the users will solve all your doubts, if they have.

All this will help you to ensure that the content is well organized and it will be easier for you to make the video.

4. Make your channel grow

The survival of your channel is in your hands. It is not useful to have a channel but it is active , therefore, the frequency of your publications is important to acquire relevance in YouTube.

It is not necessary to upload content daily (although if possible, take advantage!), But if weekly content is recommended, to avoid losing interaction and keep your audience happy.

This will boost participation with users (subscriptions, I like, I do not like, comments). The more publications, more movement on the part of your subscribers and more possibility of growing.

5. Pay attention to your audience

After having done all the steps for your videos and get a series of viewers, you cannot fail them.

Read and rate all comments, you can get very valuable information. The things you do not like about your content, the things that you do, who you like and who you do not, etc. All this will help you improve the content and grow professionally in the world of YouTube.

You must also create feedback and respond to comments, create conversations and debates between you and your audience.

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