Are you rowing or paddling?

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When you get into rowing boat what do you think you are doing? Do you think you actually rowing or are you in fact paddling? You may well be thinking what’s the difference? If the boat is moving in the right direction, then what’s the problem. There isn’t a problem as such but there is a clear difference and we shall try and tell you how so that next time you are out on the boating lake with your beloved you can tell them how this time you are rowing properly. That’s bound to make the romantic setting complete. To show your new understanding of all things Oars and Nautical why not visit to  and have a look at their products for decoration.

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It is not just a case of getting the saying wrong. You cannot literally row a canoe so don’t even think that you can. It is better if you just leave that term alone. You can only paddle a canoe rowing is impossible. It also a very big faux pas to call a plainly obviously oar a paddle too. These are useful social niceties to know if you are ever invited down the local rowing clubs Christmas dinner and dance. You won’t last five minutes if you start calling the oars on the wall “a nice set of paddles” you’ll be asked to leave immediately spoiling the evening for all concerned.

I understand its hard. When you look at It is exactly the same thing in many respects. A small narrow boat is powered by a human or humans using shaped wood but that really is the only similarity between the two styles. You only need to look at the Olympics for that. Kayaking and canoeing are set on completely difference courses and events to the rowing.  This is because the shape of the paddle compared to the oar is very different. This is the fundamental difference. When you paddle you face forward when you row you face backwards or stern if you want to use the proper maritime term.

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The other difference is that paddles are a bit freer style. An oar is mounted and attached to give the rower greater support and speed. As rowing is about going as fast as you can in a straight line.

To finish the other difference is that when you row the power is al in the legs and arms whereas with the canoe and kayak the legs are redundant only for positioning and the arms and torso supply the power. One last thing to remember it’s a lot easy to paddle  than row so if it’s a romantic first date try and get one of those instead as it easy. Good luck. Riley Dixon Womens Jersey Mike Pouncey Authentic Jersey

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