BMW Activehybrid X6, The Most Powerful Hybrid

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BMW Activehybrid X6 The Most Powerful Hybrid

BMW has developed a hybrid variant of its bigger and more luxurious todocamino, the X6. Today we bring to our blog dedicated to luxury which they say is the world’s most powerful hybrid. Equipped with all the technological advances possible, with a large passenger compartment and three engines, the X6 becomes a cleaner alternative in the segment of super-luxury SUVs.

The Active Hybrid X6 features an 8 – cylinder engine in V of gasoline combined with two other electricals that give great power and reduce both emissions and consumption. The atmospheric engine has two turbochargers and delivers 407 horsepower, giving the two electric power 91 and 86 hp respectively, with an overall maximum torque of 780 Nm, which makes it the hybrid world ‘s most powerful.

BMW Activehybrid X6 The Most Powerful Hybrid

This BMW can move only on electricity, only the combustion engine or both alternatives at a time. If the speed does not exceed 65 h Km./ this X6 moves with electricity without consuming or emit pollutants. When we exceed that speed, the combustion engine is switched on, with which the SUV can go from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds and stop mixed-circuit consumption in less than 10 liters, while emissions reach 231 Grams of CO2 per kilometer. Engine associated with the group goes an active change Two-Mode, with two modes of use; one for low speeds and another for when the gasoline engine starts operating.

BMW Activehybrid X6 The Most Powerful Hybrid

As usual in this type of vehicle, the energy released during braking is stored for later use in a precise moment of maximum acceleration.

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The Active Hybrid BMW differs from its sibling’s thanks to new wheels 19 or 20 inches, different trims and some new colors for your body.BMW Activehybrid X6 The Most Powerful Hybrid

Its standard equipment is up to one of the most luxurious and modern SUVs in its class. It has the multitude of airbags of last generation (including head), “run flat” tires individually controlled pressure, bi – xenon headlights with daytime running light with LEDs, air conditioning, parking assist, dynamic stability control, system drying brake discs in wet weather and full xDrive traction, among others.

BMW Activehybrid X6 The Most Powerful Hybrid

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