Bmw Concept X2

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Bmw Concept X2

The BMW X2 was one of the most anticipated novelties of the Paris Motor Show and, although for the moment we will only know it as a prototype, it is good news to know that the model has an independent design and different from the other models X of the group, drinking on this occasion from the tradition of the coupes of the BMW Group. The result is a sporty, urban and compact concept.

We already know that the German brand likes to invent new segments and, therefore, the design of the BMW Concept X2 manages to merge seemingly contradictory ideas in a single concept, since it is a vehicle that combines a sporty exterior with a strong character own of the X range. From BMW say that with it open a range of new and fascinating possibilities for the brand in question of design, and be clear that they will take it to take it to the extreme.

Bmw Concept X2Bmw-concept-x2-6

While the large wheels and the usual square design underline the functional character of the X series, the long wheelbase, the elongated roofline, the flat design of the windows, the athletic waistline, the short overhangs and the large The inclination of the C-pillar in the direction of travel gives the body of the prototype a flat and sporty look , while the interaction of the dark surfaces of the lining with the expressive body color Luminous Red conveys the impression of an even thinner silhouette .

Bmw Concept X2The design of the windows ends in a Hofmeister curve interpreted with great dynamism, as it happens in the new BMW 5 Series. Together with the logo on the C-pillar, this is a classic and sporty feature in BMW’s history.

Special attention has also been paid to the details, as even the 21-inch light-alloy wheels have an outstanding double-spoke design with a marked three-dimensionality and a two-tone appearance that emphasizes the contrast between dynamics and solidity. On the front we also find great changes, with a flat windshield that becomes the dark panoramic glass roof apparently without interruption and a double grid reinterpreted with large air intakes on the sides. The radiator grilles are a little more sunken than the headlights with LED technology that have a blue X in the center of the hexagonal tubes, while the central air intake is a little more sunken than the two external entrances to visually bring the central area of ​​the vehicle to the road.

Bmw Concept X2Bmw-concept-x2-3

Finally, in the rear stand out the elements that enhance its width, such as the narrow rear window, the open spoiler or horizontal lines, which reduce the perception of height and enhance the sportiness of the BMW Concept X2. Under the cabin, the rear lights of torn design contribute to the dynamics, being this reinterpretation of the characteristic L shape of the lights that the LED element shows as a three-dimensional luminous sculpture. The set completes two powerful escape routes.

Bmw Concept X2Are we facing a worthy rival for the Range Rover Evoque? Maybe we’ll have to wait until we know the definitive model…

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