Five more expert event hosting tips

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There are lots of ways to ensure everything runs smoothly when hosting an event, so read on for more ideas on hosting that will leave your guests wanting more.

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Use social media

You should use social media on the day of the event to continue acting on the buzz while it is in progress. Find a hashtag and encourage people to share news as it happens, which is a highly popular way of publicising any idea. People could ask questions on Twitter using this hashtag. You could have a photographer working at the event with your hashtag visible in the photo booth; in this way, people will automatically be promoting the event on social media when they share the photos.

Capture the highlights

A photographer or videographer could take photos of the best parts of the event. This is a great way of capturing the highlights, which you can edit together afterwards. Record any speaker or live band to show on social media and in future marketing materials. This is also a great way to re-live the fun of the event, while guests will enjoy posing for photos.

Get feedback

You could use a digital visitors staff signing in book from a provider such as to make sure all your staff are present. Ensure you also get feedback from staff, guests and performers afterwards. This could mean sending short surveys to fill in after the event or handing out simple forms for people to complete during the event in exchange for a free drink or product.

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Watch the clock

It is vital to keep an eye on timing, as most events involve deadlines. Your speakers and performer will probably need a time slot. Food should be served at a certain time, while venues might have a deadline for when the event should wind down. Keeping to a time frame will prevent the risk of having to rush the last part of the event.

Say goodbye

As the event organiser, you need to be the last one standing. You should say goodbye to guests and performers and make sure everyone is happy with how things went. Make sure the signage and equipment are all packed away, the cleaning is done, and the financial obligations are met as agreed. Finally, thank your team for a job well done!

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