How Can I Offer A Differentiated Experience To My Clients?

How Can I Offer A Differentiated Experience To My Clients

 Differentiated? With today’s high competition, any endeavor that seeks success must invest in differentiation. And for retail stores, this can be achieved by offering a memorable and unique experience for customers. The customer experience is the individual and singular reaction that people feel when they come into direct or indirect contact with their brand.

It includes all possible contact points between the customer and the company, from advertising and marketing campaigns, through the service received at the time of purchase, contact with the resources of your services or products (packaging, labels, points of sale , etc.) until you get to the user-friendliness, durability, reliability and satisfaction ratings.

There are many ways to do this, and many of the big companies in the industry are already investing in it as a means of retaining their public and getting more business, while reinforcing brand values and improving the company’s vision.

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How Can I Offer A Differentiated Experience To My ClientsInvest in the image

An important step in delivering a differentiated customer experience is to invest in the store’s image. Often, a person buys more for the vision that the brand has in the market than for the product itself. Many of the big companies have done this for some time and set an example to be followed by those who want to improve their numbers.

The interior design of the stores needs to be adequate to the values ​​proposed by the company and should also be in accordance with the target audience sought in the marketing campaigns . Currently, there is a tendency for a decrease in the number of shelves and also in the quantity of stacked items, allowing a better visualization of the products. The arrangement in the areas of passage is also not random: the articles are placed in spaces where they can be better observed.

From the architectural point of view, more modern and bold designs with lighter lighting, wider spaces and unique furniture are already essential levers to make the experience even more memorable and are a fundamental part of the proposed modernization of the image of any enterprise.

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It is also important to get good impressions about your company by other means, such as creating a professional website with responsive design, simple and intuitive navigation, well-treated images and contact channels to talk with your company – whether forms, chats or e- mail address. And, of course, social media.

How Can I Offer A Differentiated Experience To My ClientsRespond to real-time demands

Today’s market is extremely dynamic and companies looking to offer a differentiated customer experience should be aware of this. Stores need to be set up so that their shop windows have elements that facilitate change so that there can be a continuous replacement of references in virtually real time.

Products can be renewed whenever a new collection arrives, incorporating the latest trends and adapting proposals to the momentary desires of the clientele. Logistic agility, coupled with the ability to deliver quality, are paramount to differentiation. Always remember: Quality is another key point to offer a positive experience to your customers. Always work with products that you know and trust, so that after the sale or service, satisfaction continues and word of mouth marketing gains momentum.

In addition, make the customer experience always memorable. This is the hard part, but if you get to know your customers well you can create situations that mark their experience with your company. Disney does this to perfection by turning their parks into a true fantasy world, highlighting the care they give their visitors. Coca-Cola does this by selling not a soda, but moments of happiness. And your company, what provides of unusual, unexpected and memorable? The foundation of this enchantment stage is to differentiate yourself from the competition by fully understanding everything the customer expects (and does not expect) from your company – and give it to him.

How Can I Offer A Differentiated Experience To My ClientsExperience: Integrate the physical store with the online store

To the general public, the multi-channel shopping barrier has been broken for some time. The popularization of gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones, made people connect almost seamlessly, giving the online store a key role in the customer’s shopping experience. Often, they search the product on one channel and finalize the purchase on the other.

An integrated management will bring several advantages and contribute to offer a differentiated experience to the client. Through it, e-commerce can be used as an extension of inventory. If the physical store does not have the product, it will still be possible to complete a sale and send the item through the mail, for example, avoiding a frustration that could cost a perennial customer to the company.

This also streamlines operations in situations such as the exchange of products and contributes to a greater economy with the administrative structure. This more complete experience definitely increases the chances of success of any venture.

Lastly, one last tip that can make it easier for the customer relationship and experience (and still help you to save): Do not make generic customer satisfaction reviews as they do not accurately reveal the points that most contribute to the process. Define well the aspects that will be evaluated and deconstruct the generic experience until you get to the specific parts that make it up, be it through research, conversations or the observation of the reaction of the customer in each step of the buying process. This will help your company know more precisely which points highlight it and which need improvement in order for the overall result to be better. From this analysis, design your strategies and put them into practice for a value experience.

These are some ways to offer a differentiated customer experience. In a competitive market, only companies that seek excellence will survive. And you, how have you tried to differentiate yourself? Tell us in the comments!

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