How To Act In Case Of Delay Or Cancellation Flight?

Flight delays and cancellations

How not to lose money when incidents occur with your flight?

How To Act In Case Of Delay Or Cancellation Flight?If it turns out that you arrive at the airport and you see the dreaded “delayed” or “canceled” the first thing to do is to have very cleared the options you have. First of all you can reach an agreement with the company to get another flight or take you to the destination in another way, if you are not convinced the alternatives that give you can always request compensation. It is important to know the amounts that must be given by law, as they often try to negotiate to reduce the amount. Thus, if your flight covers a distance of up to 1500 km the amount would be 250 euros, if the route is between 1500 and 3500 km would be 400 euros and finally if it is more than 3500 km 600 euros would be the amount to receive.

How To Act In Case Of Delay Or Cancellation Flight?However, there are four cases in which the company would not be required to indemnify you:

  • If you were advised two weeks in advance.
  • The cancellation is due to extreme events (volcanic eruption, coup d’état …)
  • They advised you 1 week in advance but they relocated you on a flight that leaves at most 2 hours before the original and arrives at most 4 hours later.
  • They will notify you less than 1 week, even on the same day, but they will relocate on a flight that leaves at most 1 hour before and arrives as much 2 hours later than the original flight.

How To Act In Case Of Delay Or Cancellation Flight?What if the problem is that your flight is delayed? In this case everything will depend on the time of delay and the distance to fly. From the two hours delay on short-haul flights or four hours in the case of long-haul flights, measures can now be taken. To start the company must provide you with food and drink vouchers redeemable at airport restaurants; you would also be entitled to make two free calls. Once you have exceeded the three hours of waiting, you can receive compensation identical to the cancellation of flights and of course, if the departure is passed the next day must provide accommodation and transportation between airport and hotel.

How To Act In Case Of Delay Or Cancellation Flight?For all this can be done, never forget to save the airline ticket, boarding pass and any ticket or invoice to present at the time of making the claim.

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