How To Make The Loan Repayment?

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How To Make The Loan Repayment

Days before the expiration of the loan our operators will contact you to remind you of the closeness of the deadline, in addition, you will receive emails and SMS that will remind you of this circumstance. Our goal is to avoid that you incur a default and you will be charged surcharges to the total amount of your refund.

How To Make The Loan RepaymentYou have several options to repay the loan:

  • Cash in one of our accounts (Santander, Bankia, Bankinter, Caixa Catalunya or Sabadell).
  • Cashier entry in any of the aforementioned entities.
  • Make the bank transfer via internet.

 Entity:                   Account number

 Santander:            ES91 0049 2673 02 2994162842

 Bankia:                  ES08 2038 2822 34 6000134168

 Catalunya Caixa:  ES69 2013 0500 11 0213978262

 Bankinter:              ES55 0128 1016 87 0100010156

 Sabadell:                 ES18 0081 5077 70 0001552459

When you return the loan, remember that the most important thing is to indicate correctly in the concept of the transfer or income your customer number in the concept; otherwise we will not be able to locate the transfer and validate the return.How To Make The Loan Repayment

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Once you receive the refund, you will receive a confirmation of the payment by SMS to your mobile and from that moment, you will be able to request another mini loan of equal or greater amount!

How To Make The Loan Repayment

All the facilities that you have at your disposal to request the online credit will have you to refund your amount plus the fees (which you can consult in the corresponding section of the website and in the documentation that was sent to you after the request).

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