Nature In The Decoration

In moments we are dedicated to placing objects in our home and decorate environments, we know that there are different ways to balance a space and create harmony. Because we know very well that the fact does not mean only decorate objects have, furniture and paintings, but there are also other factors that help and improve the environment.

Nature In The Decoration

In this case, we will talk about the plants, which are in charge of oxygenating the environment and bringing nature into the interior of the house. There are different types for each space in the home, so we will guide you to know what style of plant to place in each room of the house.

Receiver: It is the first thing that we see when entering a house, therefore, the impression must be excellent. As it is usually a space where air currents occur and, in addition, the lighting is scarce, we recommend using plants that stand out for their resistance.

Salon: It is clear that every house is a world and, therefore, the personal tastes of each are the ones who decide. But, roughly speaking, what is usually pursued is that the room fuses elegance with joy and comfort. The plants of this room are larger, as their size allows. On the other hand, we must know that pink flowers convey temperance and serenity, while red or yellow, movement and joy. The white is a symbol of large doses of light.

Nature In The Decoration

Hall sand stairs: In the hallways also we have to be cautious with the air currents, and as a solution aims to place plants high altitude and large leaves. A very popular example is focus.

Bathroom: We must keep in mind that, in almost all bathrooms, the windows are very small or simply do not exist. In addition, the degree of humidity is usually high and there is usually little light. In these rooms ferns abound.

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Kitchen: The presence of plants in the kitchen is very delicate due to the fumes that are released, the high temperature and humidity and the air currents when ventilating or by means of the extractor hood. The most advisable thing is to plant herbs that can be useful to us when cooking.

Nature In The Decoration

Bedrooms: It is the most personal part of the houses and, from there; it is very difficult to lay a foundation. What is most demanded for these spaces are plants that transmit tranquility and serenity. Some good examples are orchids.

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