What characterizes the new influencer and the new marketing associated with them?

influencer marketing

Campaigns with influencers are one of the favorite tools of the marks, since they allow to link their products to relevant names and with a good image and because prominently manage to connect with audiences. As demonstrated many products and many consumer trends, the ‘what you used’ or ‘what you buy’ has had a large impact over the years to change consumer habits.

Social networks and the Internet in general have made it much easier for brands to identify influencers while have created a new scenario which refers to influencers. Instead of being only the famous shift, as in the past and as has been happening in recent decades, when Hollywood actors and singers were recommending products, the network has made the influencers are increasingly varied characters and they are for very different issues. Now you no longer have to be a celebrity to become influencer. Now what matters is to know what they are talking about. Continue reading What characterizes the new influencer and the new marketing associated with them?

If you go to Portugal stay at a hotel with over 190 years of history


Can you imagine being able to sleep in a hotel with over 190 years of history? It is possible in the five – star hotel: Montebelo Vista Alegre, near the beach in Aveiro (Portugal). Aveiro is a small town and is known as the Portuguese Venice, thanks to the channels that divide the city. In addition, it is next to cities like Porto and Coimbra.

Montebelo Hotel Vista Alegre is located in the building of the Palácio da Vista Alegre which began to be built in the eighteenth century and was home to seven generations of the founding family of Vista Alegre. It has built a completely new wing from which you can enjoy great views of the estuary. Continue reading If you go to Portugal stay at a hotel with over 190 years of history

6 essential to have the perfect home office

home office

Discover which are indispensable to have the perfect home office, all you need to know to build your own studio, how to isolate it , what furniture to use, what is the best or how to store lighting.

To improve our productivity at work is important to have a well-organized and comfortable space. Here in this article you will find some tricks to keep it tidy and always make the most. It does not matter if small or have a limited budget, there are ideas for everyone.

Acquires the right furniture

It is essential to acquire the furniture that best suits our needs. In this case, the first is the functionality; we leave in a second term trends. Furniture should be the required size, a large table where they work, where they fit the computer and / or tablet, books, notebooks, and other tools such as pencils, pens, markers or calculator.

Although you should keep in mind that the table has to fit the available space, and a desk too large prevent us from having things close at hand and under control, which eventually translates into having the cluttered office.

We also need a comfortable chair in which to adopt a correct posture, it is advisable to be a chair with a back adjusted to your age and height, and according to the height of the table. And with shelves to store books, located at a suitable height, so you have all your material at hand.

Try to always have all the material you require to work, it is an essential element to work without interruption and with more concentration. Such as reference books, notebooks, computer or tablet, calendar, bulletin cork, a flexo and stationery. Continue reading 6 essential to have the perfect home office

Daily physical activity is necessary if we spent many hours sitting

physical activity

Be active not only will serve to be in a better state of physical and mental shape, but will directly affect our health. According to various studies conducted so far by health experts, people who spend more time sitting throughout the day, have an increased risk of death.

However this increased risk decreases just as increase our physical activity throughout the day. So far the recommendations were those of the least physical activity 150 minutes a week, but it seems that is not enough and would need at least sixty minutes of brisk walk. Continue reading Daily physical activity is necessary if we spent many hours sitting

What differentiates desktop mobile search and what brands should do?

Mobile search

Mobile devices are increasingly present in the daily lives of consumers and are increasingly ubiquitous. The mobile goes everywhere with consumers, who always carry it in their pockets and thereby get always have a window to the world, a permanent network connection on which measure everything they do and where you find everything what do you need. The smartphone has changed, therefore the habits of buyers and has made brands have to compete with new elements, increasingly complex and increasingly influential.

Now consumers can not only talk to their friends (and do) while shopping through apps messaging, but they can also compare prices, can see the website of the competition, can read opinions about products or can directly buy that product in question in the online shop store where they are. And it must be added that the phones have added new consumer behaviors. On the street, you try to locate mobile via the place you want to go and mapping tools are used as recurrent guide. When there is a problem, the mobile is a faithful ally and used either to find alternatives to complain and protest or what you play at that time. Continue reading What differentiates desktop mobile search and what brands should do?

If you’re going to hire an employee, shuns stereotypes

hire an employee

A young man is more updated knowledge that a person over 45 years. This statement is one of belief that we can find in a selection process that a vacancy decides to limit the age of candidates eligible under this age. The truth is that this can lead to a loss of talent and not hire the best candidate, so if you are going to hire an employee, shuns stereotypes. Continue reading If you’re going to hire an employee, shuns stereotypes

What will happen to the City and thousands of well-paying jobs after Brexit?


London is the undisputed financial capital of the EU, although that may change after the Brexit. Most City workers were against the Brexit (and the population of London in general), is that, knew existed many possibilities of losing their jobs if there was Brexit.

The survival of the City as a European financial center (to give us an idea is the largest hub currency exchange in Euros in the world), it will mainly depend on two things, the first is the “passport” which allows banks of any country operating in another, the second is the movement people. Approximately 11% of the 360,000 workers in the City come from other EU countries. Freedom of movement of people allowed to bring easily qualified workers across Europe.

Suppose there is agreement

When we talk about the possibilities of the United Kingdom after the Brexit, we talked about the possibility for the EU to sign some agreement with the UK as it has with Switzerland and Norway. Switzerland and Norway waive part of its national sovereignty and contribute to the EU budget in order to have access to the vast European countries equivalent to market that are part of the EU.

In a way, small countries do not find it so bad relinquish some of their national sovereignty; they get much more to be integrated in such a large economic bloc. The question is whether a country which has just voted, among other reasons, to get rid of the EU regulation, to contribute to the budgets and freedom of movement of people, accept a similar agreement. Continue reading What will happen to the City and thousands of well-paying jobs after Brexit?

Markets in panic mode accelerate financial turmoil to global stagnation


Markets are convulsed with the geopolitical game in the Middle East and the weakness of the global economy. While the price of oil continues to decline and relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran reach a boiling point, North Korea launches a new nuclear bomb that installed the planet at a point of hatching. Apparently, it was not enough with a long crisis of seven years has left millions in unemployment but seeks more: finish and obliterate the entire planet.

The markets are in freefall realizing that all the fanfare of central banks was a mere sham to mask the imminent collapse. The world cannot continue as is and needs a change. However, each change administered by the financial dome is worse and so show the results: global unemployment increases and stagnation generalizes. While the World Bank says the economy will grow 2.7 percent in 2016, it seems a bitter joke when the global slowdown is at hand. Continue reading Markets in panic mode accelerate financial turmoil to global stagnation

Selling requires time and patience


Alluded to the book makes a time “Seller? Me?” Joel Pinto, which spoke in the first person salesmanship. Hand of a professional who took decades in this profession.

Selling is also a hard job, an important link for any company. Negotiate, negotiate to know goes hand knowledge of sales techniques and above all, patience. Continue reading Selling requires time and patience