Precautions And Care Of Wooden Porches

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Precautions And Care Of Wooden Porches

Install wooden porches it provides an ideal opportunity to gain space in the housing solution. We want to say that they allow us to enjoy an additional environment outside our home, practically at any time of the year, as a distributor of the house, place for the table, arborhowever, the fact of being on the outside does we have to have a little more care in the maintenance of these structures.

Precautions And Care Of Wooden Porches

The scourge of climatology

The wood is particularly sensitive to the effect of sun, rain and the wind, cold or excessive heat (and, in general, sudden changes in temperature). In cities like Madrid, it goes from a little more than six degrees from the middle of January to the more of August 27, almost without realizing one. Likewise, the relative humidity of the air oscillates between 35% of July and 70% in December. This, coupled with factors such as precipitation or solar radiation can compromise the strength of our wooden pergolas. Ultraviolet radiation and water make wood waste lignin, polymer provides rigidity and anti-fungal properties.

It is necessary to apply a layer of material special waterproof protection with effective fungicides and wear protection from the sun. Especially recommended in this section are the varnish open pore, with the protective properties of the wood above and let the material breathe, preventing courteous or bubbles occur.

When cleaning our porch periodically, it is sufficient to use clothes slightly moistened with water.

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Precautions And Care Of Wooden PorchesLittle invaders

Another Nemesis of wood exterior and interior are the dreaded termite. This isoptera have a high capacity of reproduction and high resistance which, together with the fact that they are very difficult to detect, can put at risk our structural solution. Baits and products with pesticides sold in drugstores or boric acid are effective remedies, although in these cases it is more advisable, as, with woodworm, it is to call specialists pest elimination.Precautions And Care Of Wooden Porches

The voice of experience

However, if there is one factor that determines our porch is to be kept for years in perfect condition, it has to do with the fact that we may appoint as the installation and construction of it. And it is that the wooden porches are cheap or expensive depending on how much they are going to join us in full conditions.

Companies such as, for example, Pergo expert installed wooden porches in Madrid based on designs for the customer, based on their ideas and needs or preferred materials: porches open, glass, houses

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