Storage Shed Roof Venting – What Are My Options?

Storage sheds are a great way to expand your storage space without having to break a wall or store stuff haphazardly anywhere you get. The usefulness is undeniable however, there are a few additions you need to make eve in a storage shed in order to make it more practical and productive. Trust us, this little or supposedly big space of your home can be extremely handy when you want to work in your shed or store stuff that might rust or decay in anyway. One such addition to add more value to your shed is adding a roof vent. The vent allows the air within the shed to circulate properly in a way that it allows heat to be released out of the shed during summers. This option is really a great addition for people who use their sheds as a workshop. There are many such workshops running from their homes within the sheds, but during summers it becomes an intolerable task to work in all that heat.

Storage Shed Roof Venting  What Are My Options
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So, what are the storage shed roof venting options that are available, you might ask?

Mechanical vent:

An option you can go for is a mechanical vent, which happens to be electricallypowered. A mechanized vent may either be an exhaust vent or an intake vent depending on the vent’s rotor’s direction. While operating, it either pushes the air out or draws it in. This vent is usually installed in a house’s gables, but domed or cubic vents exist as well.

Despite of the weather, this vent works well since air still is circulated. However, It must be turned on for it to operate. Even though it consumes less energy(electricity), a mechanical vent might prove noisy and most of the times you have to get the wiring done before it starts functioning.

Storage Shed Roof Venting  What Are My Options
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Ridge vent :

This kind of vent is named so, since it sits at the topmost part of the roof (also known as the ridge) and it allows warm air to escape from the shed. This vent is almost invisible at first glance since it is camouflaged to look like it is part of the roofing shingles located at the roof’s top.

The ridge happens to be the most popular option for sheds that have shingled roofs. Because warm air goes up or rises, air gets naturally pulled from a shed’s outward, released outside without letting air flow into your home. What’s more important is that it isn’t just a popular choice; it’s also efficient in terms of vents for homes.

Storage Shed Roof Venting  What Are My Options
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Gable vent:

This kind of vent is an excellent choice for exhaust. However, the caveat with these vents is that the gable is located below the roof’s apex, wherein some hot air might avoid getting exhausted since it rises above the vents. It is more likely that this vent option is motorized.

Soffit vent:

Also known as the overhang’s underside or eave, this vent type gets installed along the overhang’s underside as the best way for intake ventilation since the cooler air constantly moves into your shed through it.

Roof vent:

A dome or even a square-shaped vent gets installed on the face of the roof itself. When going higher up, it replaces either the ridge or the gable vent, as exhaust options. This kind of vent isn’t normally used for air intake purposes.

Static vent:

Simply put, this vent type is made up of openings along the walls on the roof of your shed, allowing the air to flow inside or out whenever it’s appropriate. It normally gets opened or closed manually by using louvers, small windows, wind turbines or wooden slats. This vent is another popular options because it’s easy to install and it costs very little to operate.

Storage Shed Roof Venting  What Are My Options
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Storage shed, roof venting not only optimizes the work ability of your storage space but will also increase the life of your shed. The atmosphere and circulation of air, directly reflects upon the life of any material used to build a shed. It is important to ensure proper ventilation in a space that stores your valuables, if initially venting is not an affordable option for you then you can also try your skills in making one for your storage shed.


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