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Myths Of Real Estate Investment

5 Myths Of Real Estate Investment

Something very attractive when investing in real estate is that it is very easy to leverage to acquire them, banks and other lending institutions are willing to lend you money to buy real estate, do not lend money to invest in the stock market but Root Well is considered a Low risk investment and it is very easy that you can get a leverage from 5 to 1 where you put 20% of the price as a down payment and the bank lends you the rest, up to 20 to 1 where you only put 5% of the value of the property and the Bank lends you the remaining 95%, meaning you can buy a house of 1 Million pesos with $ 50 thousand pesos of hitch and $ 50 thousand pesos is not a large amount compared to the total amount of investment. Continue reading Myths Of Real Estate Investment