The Best Music Apps For Android

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In recent times, the MP3 player market is in serious crisis. Main responsible are the Smartphone’s which, thanks to their increasingly capacious memories and increasingly high-performance batteries, more than compensate for the need to bring along a dedicated device for music.Thanks to its enormous flexibility, Android guarantees a wide range of applications dedicated to audio reproduction, each with its own peculiarities, its strengths and, of course, its shortcomings.In this article, we will provide you a comparison of the largest number of Music Apps For Android. Let the show begin!

Here 12 Best Music Apps For Android

Power Amp

The Best Music Apps For AndroidUsers whose first priority in a music player is quality, even at the cost of a less captivating interface than the competition.

A power amp is designed for true music lovers: a very high-quality audio and a complete feature set from every point of view are the business card of this application, which does not even lack a good look and a lot of additional functions interesting, like lyrics search, cover downloads, and an ID3 tag editor.


The Best Music Apps For Android

Winamp PC users will benefit from sync via Wi-Fi; in general, it can be considered a good free replacement for Poweramp or PlayerPro. Pro offer is not very competitive.

When iTunes did not exist and Windows Media Player was still 16-bit, Winamp was already there, revolutionizing the way we listen to music on the PC. After years and years of happily infesting the Windows of half the world, the most famous music player in the computer industry takes the “big step” and moves on our beloved mobile devices.


The Best Music Apps For AndroidUser’s fans of the lyrics in search of a player without frills, minimalist, may be willing to sacrifice a bit ‘of audio quality in favor of ease of use.

Directly from “our” Bologna comes this new music player, strong of a fresh interface of restyling, catchy and easy to use. the real novelty lies in the integration of accessories very popular nowadays, such as the recognition of Shazam-style songs and the download of the lyrics of the songs in progress. Precisely on this last feature, it points very MusiXmatch, thanks to a very large database, indeed: the widest of the web.


The Best Music Apps For AndroidDesign fan and fans of alternative interfaces; also useful for those who want to modify ID3 tags effectively. Audio fidelity may not satisfy the finer palates.

Having recently landed on the definitive Play Store, n7player aims to improve the way we interact with our music collection on our Smartphone or tablet; the main ingredient of the interface, which combines innovation, practicality and functionality, and a good dose of eye candy.

Neutron Music Player

The Best Music Apps For AndroidFanatical users of audio manipulation, maybe even some professional in the sector (recording studios, etc.)

If Root Explorer were a music player, it would be Neutron: a very special interface, with a recording studio look and feel, and a lot of advanced manipulation effects are the background to a really powerful audio rendering engine, which makes scalability its main weapon.


The Best Music Apps For AndroidThanks to the system of recommendations for new songs, the partnership with Indaba Music and mood playlists, it is the ideal reader for the more adventurous users looking for new music.

Mixzing presents itself as “the most advanced media player for Android”. To support this thesis, a very complete and current feature set, including tag editors, thousands of free streaming songs, information and even a music discovery service similar to Pandora. An authentic “2.0” player!


The Best Music Apps For AndroidUsers looking for a player able to perform their task very well, without exaggerating in customization or additional features – in practice, which has the same quality of the player pre-installed on the phone., already known to the public Android for the successful series of widgets HD Widgets, is proposed on the market of multimedia players. To achieve this, it chooses compactness and simplicity, and that pinch of “social” integration that, nowadays, certainly does not do well.


The Best Music Apps For AndroidSongbird is also music apps for android. We find no sufficient motivation to recommend this read to you. If you like the music discovery service Songbird. me, you should use the dedicated website.

The Songbird project was born on desktop systems (PC, Mac, and Linux) as an open source music player in the early 2000s, a direct competitor of Windows Media Player and iTunes. It was initially welcomed with great enthusiasm by community geeks thanks to its illustrious origins: much of the code is in fact derived and adapted from the very famous and highly popular Mozilla browser, Firefox. Unfortunately, however, the success has not arrived – at least, not in the same disruptive form that has invested the Red Panda; Songbird, therefore, is deeply renewed, focusing a lot on music discovery in salsa social, and on mobile devices.

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The Best Music Apps For AndroidUsers looking for an all-in-one multimedia app, without too many needs on advanced features.

Still he, stainless and unsinkable: RealPlayer also arrives in music apps for Android world, after almost twenty years of existence. At the time of Windows 95, it provided the first multimedia streaming system thanks to RealAudio and RealVideo formats, but in recent years its popularity has dropped dramatically, complicit in an unfriendly business model towards the end user, a highly contested player and a format rendered obsolete by Flash and its implementations (Youtube in primis). Is it time to retire, or is there still something interesting around here?

Google Play Music

The Best Music Apps For AndroidConsidering the complete package, services + player, it is a must to try: the cloud is so convenient, that you will hardly want to go back. The audio player alone, however, is easily forgotten – look apart.This Music Apps For Android is ok & Beautiful.

Finally: since November 13th, Google Play Music is also available for Italian users. The actual reader will be familiar to those who already own a Nexus device (or another device with AOSP / AOKP / CyanogenMod ROM / etc), while the music purchase and streaming service is an absolute novelty. We waited for him at the gate and, after about a month of intense use, here are our impressions.

Now Playing

The Best Music Apps For AndroidUsers looking for consistency of style and high-quality design, without having too many needs for reproduction.

Now Playing is one of the latest arrivals in the field of music apps for android, but immediately received great success. In a scene now largely dominated by Android 4 and its famous Holo graphical interface, he felt the lack of a “serious” player that would exploit it properly. The problem is that, apart from design, Now Playing is not particularly competitive: the quality of the reproduced audio is not exceptional (there is also a rather big bug according to which it prevents the graphic EQ from working) and the functions are reduced to minimum: there is no tag editor, no lyrics (thanks, Sony) and so on.

Spins HD Audio

The Best Music Apps For AndroidIt could make sense for fanatics, VERY fanatics, audio quality, with appropriate equipment and a collection of MP3 encoded in the best way.

High fidelity applied to portable audio is a bit of an oxymoron. Many people ask what sense it has to claim the maximum sound purity to play compressed files in MP3 format, perhaps even in streaming. And we, in principle, agree. We have analyzed this Spins HD with skepticism, and our suspicions have been confirmed: there is no improvement in the quality of reproduction that justifies below-average performance in all other respects. From the interface to the offer of secondary functions, from reliability to versatility, we are dealing with an anonymous product, not to say poor.

If you are looking for a good replacement for the music apps for android phone, we recommend starting from Poweramp, n7player or Songbird: your search could end in a surprisingly short time. These three readers are our favorites, for three different reasons: Poweramp for its unparalleled audio fidelity, to support multiple advanced audio effects (including Beats), n7player for its innovative interface, spectacular and rich in advanced features, PlayerPro for being the most complete and balanced of the lot.

All three are paid, but it is really worth it; if you really do not want to spend, MusiXmatch is a valid alternative, which focuses a lot on the lyrics and on the “2.0” information of artists and albums; Winamp and Songbird also defend themselves well, but only in the free version.

Special mention for Neutron, with a very advanced rendering engine full of very special audio manipulation functions, but with an unattractive interface: for special/professional uses it is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

Google Play Music is a special case and should be considered as something radically different. The audio player itself is not very interesting, but the cloud services attached to it change the table cards of the whole panorama. To be tried absolutely.

Advice and recommendations

  • The sound quality of a player is a very complicated aspect to evaluate, for two reasons: it is subjective and depends largely on the hardware equipment of your phone – to be precise, connected earphones/speakers and, to a lesser extent, the audio chip. A true audiophile would probably add to the list also the material that makes up the cables and connectors, the humidity and what else, the fact is that we recommend a good pair of headphones – preferably in-ear if you do not want to spend large digits to obtain satisfactory results. The difference will certainly be more tangible than going from (example) MusiXMatch to Poweramp.
  • The cohabitation of more music apps for android is possible and does not create any kind of problem; if your headphones/earphones have playback controls on the wire, however, keep in mind that they will pilot the last app installed. To change this behavior, just go to the program settings and look for the relevant option. All the players we’ve tried include it: it’s generally called a headphone control, a headset management, and the like.

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