The Method Of Saving That Allows The Attainment Of Financial Nirvana

Would he be able to refuse a trinket if he is promised that he will have another one in a few minutes? A test conducted in the United States in the mid-1960s, the marshmallow test (referring to sweet cottony clouds) showed that only a few are able to give up an immediate temptation in exchange for the promise of a juicy Future benefit.

Habits like saving, which demand to give up a wide range of goods and services, are a titanic challenge of containment. Therefore, the key to success is, according to experts, to remove the candy from the view. In a word: pre-saving.The Method Of Saving That Allows The Attainment Of Financial Nirvana

“In America, we have been taught to save money,” says the expert Luis Pita, author of the financial advice book “Have worse car than your neighbor,” Pita says that transferring a part of our salary to another account, investment fund or deposit at the beginning of the month, instead of trying to cut costs to save the remaining part at the end of the month, is a much easier way to increase our assets and psychologically requires much less effort.

Saving is the eternal task of the Spaniards. A third of the Spanish population says they do not have savings capacity per month, according to a recent study by financial comparator the method of saving that allows the attainment of financial nirvana, while 51% of Spaniards cannot save 600 euros per year and only 29% can save more than 1,000 euros per year, according to another Banka study. For this reason, Pita considers that it is urgent to change habits that facilitate this habit that, according to his experience, has less to do with the level of income of the worker than with his ability to avoid “superfluous” expenses.The Method Of Saving That Allows The Attainment Of Financial Nirvana

“When we pre-save we take away superfluous expenses naturally”

“The advantage of pre-saving is that you do not have to make the same effort of will because it does almost automatically at the beginning of the month”, explains Pita, whose book (available in PDF) is truffle with real examples of people who managed to save this method. “Money is very easy to spend, and in fact, there are many expenses that we make simply because we have the money in our pocket. All these superfluous expenses we take away naturally when we pre-save.

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Pita also considers the goal we want to pursue as important. “The goal of saving is to achieve financial freedom that allows us to pursue our dreams,” he says. “Having an economic mattress gives us time to be with the family, with the friends, that at the bottom is the most important thing in life”.The Method Of Saving That Allows The Attainment Of Financial Nirvana

The author, an engineer by profession, stresses that it also offers you the possibility of prospering at the labor level, not only because of safety in the event of losing your job but because it allows you to take advantage of other opportunities that other people are forced to pass through when they lack Resources to endure until they can meet them.

“An acquaintance was offered the possibility of running a company,” says Pita. “It was a good opportunity and it would have allowed him to make a lot of money, but he had to take a lot of risks. After much hesitation, he finally did not accept the offer because he did not have a good mattress that would allow him to stand if the thing was distorted. The Method Of Saving That Allows The Attainment Of Financial Nirvana

The author has launched a web page in which he disseminates the book, as well as a financial calculator so that each one estimates the amount he can pre-save and wants to check the feasibility of the method. “People who pre-save, save up to ten times more than other people of the same age and salary. The method works, “he says.

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