The Ultimate Guide To Getting Home Improvement Right

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Home Improvement Right

Starting home improvements on your house can be daunting and complicated; you have to have the right tools for the job. There are a variety of factors you have to consider before endeavoring on a home improvement project. Here is an ultimate guide to getting your home improvement project off the ground:

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Home Improvement Right

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First of all, get all the necessary permits. If you’ll be building an extension to your house, an extra room at the back, or an additional garage, you must check with your community leaders whether the same needs any building permit. If you are merely leasing your property, make sure to get the permission of the lessor. Also, if you plan on adding windows to one side of the house, make sure to check with local builders. There are rules governing upstairs windows of neighboring homes, to protect the privacy of each other.


Yard improvements

There’s nothing that improves the value of your house than having a well-maintained and attractive yard. Good landscaping can affect the curb appeal of your house and impact its value. However, if your yard is lined with leafy trees, falling leaves can quickly become a hassle, all the more during the autumn months. It might be best to invest in a yard vacuum or rent a professional to do it. However, don’t go overboard with the landscaping making it difficult to maintain or clean. Use contrasting elements to improve the appeal of the yard without taking from its functionality. Use privacy fences, stone blocks, concrete pavers, grass, shrubs, and flowering plants to decorate your yard.

Building an extension

If you are building an extension to your house, make sure that it does not exceed 50% of the size of the original house. It must not also extend to more than 3 meters towards the back of the house. If it does extend, you’ll have to apply for a permit to do so. When converting a front garden into a driveway or a patio, be sure to use materials that allow rain to permeate and drain through the soil. If the material used for the flooring is of non-permeable character and the extension exceeds three meters, then you will have to apply for a permit as well.

Financing your home improvement

As with any kind of construction or building improvement, you will need some kind of financing to help you with the budget. If you have money saved for the project, then well and good. However, if you don’t, you’ll have to apply for a loan with a bank or financing institution. Since the improvement will increase the value of your home, banking institutions are likely to approve your financing application, as long as you have good credit standing. As a last option, remortgaging your house can be a good option. Most lenders approve remortgage options in case of home improvements. However, be prepared to pay interest for a much longer time than your original mortgage. Try to negotiate for the lowest interest rates that suit your annual income.


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