Twitter Will Take Measures Against Espionage In Its Network

Twitter will take measures against espionage in its network

Twitter in a statement warned developers that they do not agree with the use of their public programs kit or the Gnip data to create spyware.

“We prohibit developers from using public APIs and Gnip data products that allow law enforcement – or any other entity – to use Twitter data for surveillance purposes.” The company said.

They noted that their public APIs and Gnip data products provide information that people choose to share publicly and that they will not change policies in relation to that area. In addition to condemning the misuse of their information, they said they will take appropriate action, which may include suspension and termination of access to the public Twitter APIs and their data products.

Twitter will take measures against espionage in its networkTwitter indicated that thanks to internal processes to review the cases of use of Gnip data products when new developers are integrating, they can reject part or all of the requested use.

Twitter will take measures against espionage in its network“Twitter shows what’s happening in the world at the speed of light, and our Gnip business data products and public Twitter APIs make Tweets available in real time to developers around the world. We see the influential work that is being done through the use of these tools every day – from saving lives during the floods in Jakarta to helping the USGS follow earthquakes or working with the UN to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. “Highlights Twitter in its statement emphasizing the good use that can be given to its open systems.

Twitter will take measures against espionage in its networkLike its platform, public Twitter APIs and data products are based on the content that people choose to share publicly, so they encourage developers to create products using this data for public interest purposes.

Twitter will take measures against espionage in its networkThey point out that recent reports about the Twitter data used for surveillance have caused them great concern. “As a company, our commitment to social justice is fundamental to our mission. And our policies in this area are long-standing. The use of public Twitter APIs or data products to track protesters and activists is absolutely unacceptable and is prohibited. “

According to the statement in the coming months it will be seen that more enforcement measures will be taken, including the addition of more resources to investigate and act quickly on complaints about the misuse of public Twitter APIs and Gnip data products.

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