Wedding In Winter: What Coat Do I Wear?

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Wedding In Winter: What Coat Do I Wea

Wedding In Winter

Wedding In Winter? It turns out that I have a wedding in January and if it is difficult to fit elegance without being cold, imagine looking for a dress that fits perfectly to my style. Combining the coat, the dress, the shoes, the clutch and the jewels is not an easy task ; so I’ve gone to work looking for how to go to the wedding warmly. In the end I found these three options that add elegance and a very sophisticated touch. At first I had thought about looking for a cloth coat but I thought that was the most recurrent option and I wanted something different. So here are my proposals for all those who, like me, have a wedding in the coldest month of the year.

Wedding In Winter: What Coat Do I Wea1. Layers, increasingly famous at a wedding

All a success. Very feminine and elegant they are a perfect complement for places where the cold is very intense. One of the most elegant guests I remember was Carlota Casiraghi at the famous wedding of her uncle, Prince Albert of Monaco. Her dress matching her cape was a success for one of the most beautiful royal women in the world. In recent years we have attended another combination of cape and dress. Numerous designers have chosen to incorporate the layer to the dress creating a unique piece very elegant. This is the case of the famous blogger Paula Echevarría who, at her cousin’s wedding last year, wore a spectacular Dolores Promesas dress. In my case I prefer the layer separately, so we can always take advantage of it for other events.

Wedding In Winter: What Coat Do I Wea2. Stoles, the fashion of the 50s

They have returned. Or maybe they never left. Surely your mother or your grandmother still keeps some in the closet. The stole was the pledge of the divas of the 50s. And they are fashionable again. There are natural and synthetic leather; stamped or smooth; elongated or in the form of a small layer; but all of them bring glamor to those who wear them. Our advice for a wedding is that you choose a stole according to the tones of your dress, in a single color and with a volume not too excessive, since it would be unbalanced and cause a “kilos of more” effect. They are ideal especially with long dresses and for tall girls. Here we leave you one of the most famous stole stores, Le parisien.

Wedding In Winter: What Coat Do I Wea3. Boleros, yes. With skirt, dress or pants

It is the most versatile garment since we can wear it both with dress and pants. Even more and more brides are choosing this garment to cover their shoulders. There are lace or glitter, but also ideal for winter hair. We offer you one of the new collection of Adolfo Domínguez made in crinkle, black, and with shiny beads.

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