Wild Love, The New Otaduy Collection

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Wild Love, The New Otaduy Collection

Taking advantage of the fact that Lola is getting married next year, I want to show her the new collection for 2015 of Otaduy , although I am sure she has it more than seen. Wild Love comes loaded with proposals for brides who get married next year, and I have to say that I have fallen in love with their fabrics and their neatly groomed and elaborate necklines.

Otaduy has a clear identity sign, its exquisite open backs , together with its elaborate fabrics and materials rich. Otaduy’s brides are simple, but full of details, bohemian brides with a touch of glamor.

Wild Love, The New Otaduy CollectionWild Love is a collection for brides who do not want to have the classic wedding dress, they do not want to be wrapped in tulles, but they need a simple, lightweight model but bride, girlfriend.

Wild Love, The New Otaduy CollectionCarolina Otaduy leaves behind the strapless necklines and dresses the shoulders and necklines with long and short sleeves very worked with lace, embroidery and guipure. In addition Otaduy brides keep their crowns of flowers and butterflies, although they are disappearing, they go with a purse (this trend I never liked), and jackets and coats for the brides of the season that enters.Wild Love, The New Otaduy Collection

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