11 plants to lose weight fast

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plants to lose weight

The physical is always important, both aesthetic and health. Unfortunately, the daily routine has led us to have unhealthy habits including a sedentary lifestyle and consumption of harmful foods for the body.

As for overweight, you should always try to lose weight considering a diet prescribed by the doctor.

plants to lose weightBeneficial plants for weight loss

As said before, losing weight is becoming a necessity not only aesthetic, but also health, and the best way to lose weight is by using natural plants that do not endanger the health. Below we offer a number of plants with their advice on their use.

Seaweed kelp

This marine plant, as most of the algae, has a high iodine content and mineral salts such as potassium, bromine, magnesium, calcium and iron. It’s high iodine content helps to stimulate the action of the thyroid gland that allows you to fight obesity.

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Corn stigmas

This is the casing of corn, also known as stigmas, beards or corn hair. This part is one of the most important diuretics and cleansing offered by nature, as well as having beneficial properties that help you lose weight fast.


Generally, they use the artichoke as food, one of the many ways to benefit from them, but to extrapolate all their properties we recommend you prepare an infusion, decoction or maceration with their leaves. Getting all their benefits, you can use them to lose weight.


This tree is indicated as a diuretic and to combat obesity, between the various properties. The idea is to prepare an infusion called diuretic birch infusion.

Kratom tea

Speaking of tea, most usually tend to contribute to weight loss, especially green tea and even more kratom tea, the most recommended for weight loss. The kratom has a very good reputation for boost metabolism and also fat-burning. The kratom tea boosts metabolism and helps to control your appetite, and feels less hunger.

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Aloe vera

It is best known for its use in detoxification diets, but that does not mean it is not useful at the time to lose weight. The juice of aloe vera is more than recommended for this purpose because it improves digestion and helps cleanse the body of toxins in a few days.


Ginseng is well known for its fat-burning properties since it increases energy and speeds up your metabolism. Siberian ginseng is one of the most recommended as it reduces the desire for sweet since it gives energy to the body in a natural way.

Cayenne pepper

The cayenne pepper contains a compound called capsaicin that gives the hot and spicy taste; on average, caloric intake reduces fat tissue and fat levels in the blood, so as to contribute to a rapid weight loss.


The cinnamon has the ability to increase the metabolism quickly. In addition, it has several benefits to regulate sugar levels in the blood. Even more important it is that it helps to lower triglycerides and cholesterol, and improves the metabolism of glucose, essential to not feel hungry all day.

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Celery tea

Prepare an infusion in boiling water. The tea Celery is a very proper drink to lose weight; it helps regulate glucose and blood pressure and also prevents rheumatism. One important thing to remember is that it must be the only drink, besides water, ingested throughout the day for three consecutive days.


It is highly recommended herb for weight loss because it speeds up the digestive metabolism, eliminate toxins, and waste from the body.

To remember

You follow any diet, no matter how simple or fast it is, it must be accompanied by a routine of physical activity to be able to enhance, to lose weight more quickly and be able to improve your blood pressure and heart rate.

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