4 Ways To Generate Results For Your Company Using Linkedin

4 ways to generate results for your company using Linkedin

While other social networks have taken users’ preference for leisure or information purposes, Linkedin has consolidated and seems unbeatable as the largest professional network in the world.

With more than 7 million users in Brazil, we see many companies looking for ways to take advantage of network opportunities and extract business results, especially those that sell to other companies (B2B).

To assist in this goal we launched this week the Free Webinar Marketing in Linkedin. In this post we present the 4 main possibilities that were better detailed in Webinar:

4 ways to generate results for your company using LinkedinOptimizing Personal Profiles

The company’s own professionals can adequately fill their personal profiles, use relevant keywords in the market that act and then be found when searching for the position, experience or skills they have.

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Especially for companies that sell services and rely on specialists, generating some business by being among the first search results is a fairly realistic possibility.


  • Increase search after optimization
  • Increased search appearances after optimization
  • Fill in your complete profile and in all languages ​​you master;

Below his name is a subtitle that few people change. Indicate your position, area of ​​knowledge and experience there, using key words that represent your performance well;

Use the abstract to describe in detail your background, accomplishments, and areas you master;

You can choose up to 50 skills and specialties. Try to show everything you know and use synonyms or similar skills;

Use the applications to show your blog, videos, presentations and etc;

In settings, always choose to make your profile public, accessible to everyone;

Add every person you meet and accept anyone who adds you: this will increase the size of your network and allow you to reach more people.

4 ways to generate results for your company using LinkedinCreating pages for business

  • Companies can create pages with specific sections to present their products and services.
  • In addition, much like Facebook pages, people who follow the page receive all status updates like phrases or links posted.
  • There is even the option of displaying different pages for different professional profiles.

Note: We have just created the Linkedin Digital Results page. Follow us! 🙂


Enjoy the spaces that Linkedin offers to promote your services and invest in something interesting graphically;

Keep a frequency of updates relevant so that followers are familiar with your brand and see value in following your company;

Promote the page and the option to follow on your site and other placements that your business has available.

4 ways to generate results for your company using LinkedinCreation or participation of groups

The groups bring together professionals with an interest in a particular theme or market and offer discussion forums for members.

Exception made to the fact that they are focused only in professional aspects; they are very similar to the famous Orkut communities.

Actively participating in these groups can strengthen your brand and the position of reference of the company’s professionals. Already the creation of the group offers as a benefit the sending of emails to all the participants.


  • Try not to “sell” in the group: contribute by teaching something about your market and giving relevant opinions;
  • The frequency is important: do not make a single comment and then forget the group, this is not enough to generate relevant results. If you do not have a lot of time, choose 1 or 2 as a priority;
  • Cherish the other important members and their opinions to be noticed and earn their respect as well;
  • If you are creating a group, remember to advertise on various channels that your company has and strive to start the first discussions until things actually do work;
  • Never abuse: Too many posts (or emails, if you have created the group) can be very annoying.

Buying Ads

Linkedin offers companies the ability to advertise to a highly targeted audience.

It is possible to choose gender, age, position, schooling, groups in which it participates, company size, among others.

Although not yet available in Portuguese, it may be attractive to achieve some types of profiles or for sales with a slightly higher average ticket.

To see more detailed tips on each of these items download our free webinar now.


  • Perform multiple combinations tests on ads to identify which option delivers the best performance: choose different text, images, and targeting;
  • Always measure the end result of the investment (conversion into Leads or customers) to identify if the ROI is positive.

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