5 Clothing Items Every Man Should Own

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There are so many choices when shopping for clothing, even for men. The let’s get baked shirt is a cool item to have, but there are other clothes you should absolutely own. It’s important to be dressed for the occasion. Whatever that setting may be, you want to look the part and look good too. The list below isn’t exhaustive, but includes five items that are important for any guy to have.

White Dress Shirt

You should own at least one of these. A white dress shirt will go with just about anything, from blue jeans to a full suit. It’s best to have a medium spread collar so the shirt can be worn with as many things as possible. Also, it works fine regardless of your face shape. To ensure formality, avoid shirts with chest pockets, and avoid single cuffs or combination cuffs; cuff links should only be worn with a French cuff shirt.

Navy Blazer

A navy blazer, rather than a suit jacket, should be kept handy. Lighter colors are more casual and go well with khakis. Also, patch pockets are a better option than flap pockets, because of their contrasting buttons. Blazers can be worn with trousers of contrasting patterns and colors. Typically solid in color, they can have contrasting braiding and trim, and come in single- and double-breasted varieties.


A pair of khakis or classic chinos is something you should own. Chinos, made of cotton, come in sand, khaki, or stone colors. They can have cuffs or not and come in flat fronted or pleated styles. The style you pick for yourself is all a matter of taste. Any one of them or a combination is still presentable.


Invest in a V-neck sweater if you like to wear a tie, or a crew neck will do just fine if you like to look more casual. You can throw a sweater on over a shirt. It is fine to wear under a jacket or overcoat, not to mention great at keeping you warm if it’s cold outside. Higher quality sweaters have long 3-ply or 4-ply yarns and don’t pill as quickly; for softness, wool-cashmere sweaters may cost more, but stay in good shape for a while.

You should have at least one dark shade sweater, like dark bottle green. It can be combined with many casual clothes. The next sweater you get can be navy, gray, or camel. Some people like orange or red sweaters too.

Tweed Sport Coat

There are many types of this coat. It is suitable for men of all ages and personal styles. You’ll find a tweed coat, and other items listed here, that suit your taste and prepare you to be presentable in any situation.

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