5 healthy burger recipes for your summer BBQ

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Summer may be nearly over, but there is still enough time for a few more barbecues. If you’re tired of hot dogs, sausages and burgers, don’t worry. There are lots of alternative healthy options that you can consider, and they are all just as delicious!

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Here are five healthy and tasty burger recipes for your summer BBQ.

Quinoa and Bean Burger

The healthy burger is suitable for vegetarians and is filled with flavour. Add chipotle powder, paprika and Sriracha to give the burger a real smokey kick, and use quinoa and white beans to make up the burger.

This burger may not be meaty, but it is just as filling and much healthier! According to Healthline, quinoa is gluten-free, filled with protein and one of the only plants that contains all nine essential amino acids.

Turkey and Apple Burger

Turkey is a much healthier option than red meat, and it is also a great source of vitamin B6, niacin and zinc. If you find the flavour of turkey a little dull, you can jazz it up with apple sauce, cranberry sauce or spices to give the burger an extra kick!

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The Low-Carb Chicken Burger

Chicken is another excellent lean protein option, and it is just as easy to make a chicken burger as it is a normal beef burger. If you decide to grill your chicken burgers, use a thermometer to ensure that the inside of the burger is at least 165°F so you know it is safe to eat.

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Fruity Salmon Burger

If you like fish, you will love this fruity salmon burger. The burger is made up using a salmon burger, an avocado and a grilled pineapple. This healthy option is seriously fresh and delicious, and the pineapple adds lots of vitamin C and manganese.

Sweet Potato And Black Bean Burgers

You can make your own burger patties at home using sweet potato, black beans and rice. These burgers are very healthy, and the sweet potato adds vitamin C and vitamin A. Bond the ingredients together using an egg and then pop them under the grill. This vegetarian option is normally very popular with adults and children alike.

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