5 Key Social Media Terms For Business

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5 Key Social Media Terms For Business

You have decided to start your way in digital marketing and you come across a sea of ​​incomprehensible terms. Do not worry; little by little we will unravel the wonderful world of social media. In this article you will know 5 key social media terms for business.

How much time per day do you have with Social Media terms? I’ll protect you from the outset Do not be scared!

5 Key Social Media Terms For BusinessKey social media terms for business

It can be difficult, even for the connoisseurs, to keep up to date in a medium that is so changing and constantly in innovation. New tools, techniques and tactics come up daily in our social networks and inbox. Today I bring you 5 terms that are new or are experiencing resurgence in social media that will help you stay afloat.

Cross-channel Marketing

It is a strategy that allows brands to connect with their audiences through devices, web pages, social networks and more. Brands that generate engagement through Cross-channel Marketing ensure that your message is viewed by your audience, no matter where they are. With these types of strategies, the aim is to eliminate the boundaries that exist between each channel and propose a homogenous and integrated vision of them, allowing a single vision of the client through the different channels of interaction. In the Cross-Channel strategy   an interaction in one channel affects the content that will be displayed in another channel.

5 Key Social Media Terms For BusinessCustomer journey

Customer journey It is the whole decision process that the consumer goes through, from the moment he plans to acquire a good or service, until he gets it. This term has become more relevant within the digital ecosystem because now more than ever, our audiences understand that they have the power to choose, and increasingly demand more and more providers of goods and services. Knowing the digital path that the consumer travels before making the purchase decision is a valuable tool to generate digital strategies and offer them, through all available channels, the experience that you want to obtain.

5 Key Social Media Terms For BusinessMicro-moments or micro-moments

 This term that was invented by Google refers to the instants, real-time events that entail consumers to search or socialize on the web. Looking for answers to questions like how much does it cost…? Or “How to fix …? Micro-moments happen in an instant, and require marketers to deeply understand the desires and motivations of their audience.

Because they are important? Because they describe actions that consumers carry out every day. Any brand that wants to connect deeply with the audience looking for their product “right now” must incorporate micro-moments into their strategy.

Personalization or personalization

It is a marketing strategy that requires learning the preferences, motivations and characteristics of consumers, and delivering tailor made content to them.

It is important because consumers will be more willing to connect with the brand if they feel that the brand connects with their values. By customizing content, marketers can increase loyalty in their audience.

5 Key Social Media Terms For BusinessSocial Intelligence or Social Intelligence

Consumer target Social intelligence goes beyond a demographic plane and allows companies to know their consumers in a more personal and significant way. Brands want to know what, how and through what channel they are spoken of. There is the real power of Social Media, since the consumer, voluntarily shares a quantity of data that can lead to key points in the business strategy.

At this time, your consumer, without any additional incentive, openly shares information that would take months and a lot of money to collect through a survey.

The concept of monitoring Social Media may sound obvious, because the hungriest marketers understand the value of their consumers’ social data. But few times this data is efficiently turned into Social Marketing strategies that can be measured and evaluated. Gathering information is just the first step.

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