5 Media Buying Options To Leverage Short-Term Results

We never hide that getting started in digital marketing is a difficult task. It takes some time until the content begins to gain more reach, the site gains relevance and the entire investment begins to pay off.

Of course after the gearing thing the return is high and sustainable and the asset is permanent, among several other advantages. However, until that point you may have to extract results from another channel.

It is in this scenario that the purchase of online media can be a great option, helping the company to achieve good results in the short term and gain a foothold for long-term investments.

In this post we will present 5 best of the most well-known options of buying online media:

5 Media Buying Options To Leverage Short-Term ResultsGoogle Adwords – Search Network

The Google Adwords Search Network is the flagship of the company. No wonder that to this day is the product that brings more revenue for Google.

One of his most famous ads says the following: “Do you know who needs a Taxi? People Who Look For Taxi”. This very clearly sums up the strength of Google, which is that people are actively pursuing the problem. In this way, the conversion rate is usually considerably higher than other channels.

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5 Media Buying Options To Leverage Short-Term ResultsFacebook Ads

Facebook has a disadvantage compared to Google: in general people do not go online to look for solutions to a problem, but to connect with friends, see pictures and publications of friends, get distracted a bit, etc. The intention to solve a problem Problem is not so obvious, so the click through rate and network conversion is usually lower.

However, the number of users, the time they spend on the site and the degree of information they give to Facebook allow the social network to offer fantastic targeting possibilities. You can find exactly the profile your company is looking for and the cost is relatively low.

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Google Adwords – Display Network

In addition to the ability to purchase ads from Google’s search network, we can also also purchase spots in the network of advertiser partners.

Several blogs and portals offer spaces for Google to intermediation and display ads related thereto.

It’s not usually such a good choice because it does not have the clear intention of resolving a problem like Google’s search or targeting as powerful as Facebook ads.

However, there is one type of ad that works extremely well in this case: remarketing . Maybe you’ve seen some sneakers at an online retailer or done a search for airline tickets and then found yourself being chased by banners with that type of offer.

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Remarketing is an ad targeted to people who have already seen a specific page on your site. His intention is to bring the visitor back to the offer that attracted him to try to get him to complete the purchase.

Boo-box and Lomadee

Boo-box and Lomadee are Brazilian companies that offer ads much like the Google display network.

For those who invest heavily, it may be worth testing them as alternatives to Google. Besides the possibility of having interesting results, it is worth not to be hostage of a single platform, even more when the price can vary as in the model of auction.

Direct contact with the vehicle

There are several vehicles that offer their space on their own. In some cases the media kit becomes available, others need to be contacted for more information.

The interesting thing about this case is that we can negotiate the price directly with the channel. Especially if we find relevant vehicles in the company’s niche, it can be an option with a good return on investment (ROI).

General Outlet

In some cases, such as in the Adwords search network, we find people at a time very close to the purchase. This leads to a higher conversion rate, but also more competition and a slightly higher price.

Display networks and Facebook can be useful for generating demand, showing things people are not actually looking for but which they may find useful to see. The price is also attractive.

Direct contact with the vehicle can offer great value for money by focusing on the specific niche of your market.

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In all of these cases, the rule of thumb is: test various campaign possibilities and measure results well. Only if we can identify what works and what does not and make the right cuts will we have a really lucrative action.

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