6 essential to have the perfect home office

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Discover which are indispensable to have the perfect home office, all you need to know to build your own studio, how to isolate it , what furniture to use, what is the best or how to store lighting.

To improve our productivity at work is important to have a well-organized and comfortable space. Here in this article you will find some tricks to keep it tidy and always make the most. It does not matter if small or have a limited budget, there are ideas for everyone.

Acquires the right furniture

It is essential to acquire the furniture that best suits our needs. In this case, the first is the functionality; we leave in a second term trends. Furniture should be the required size, a large table where they work, where they fit the computer and / or tablet, books, notebooks, and other tools such as pencils, pens, markers or calculator.

Although you should keep in mind that the table has to fit the available space, and a desk too large prevent us from having things close at hand and under control, which eventually translates into having the cluttered office.

We also need a comfortable chair in which to adopt a correct posture, it is advisable to be a chair with a back adjusted to your age and height, and according to the height of the table. And with shelves to store books, located at a suitable height, so you have all your material at hand.

Try to always have all the material you require to work, it is an essential element to work without interruption and with more concentration. Such as reference books, notebooks, computer or tablet, calendar, bulletin cork, a flexo and stationery.

home office

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Use auspicious colors for your activity

The colors are vital to transmit pleasurable sensations when working. In this case choose colors according to your needs, if you want a space where activate and give everything, decapitate bright, clear colors.

But if instead you require is a cozy and pleasant place to focus, dark and neutral colors are best. Although the most important thing is to create a balance, if your office is rather warm and dark seeks add bright splashes of color, like a green plant and some sheets. We will do the opposite if we have an office with too many vibrant colors, such as adding a carpet of natural fibers and wood details and / or cork.

For example, the green water or lavender help mental concentration. Some details in vibrant colors provide the energy needed to maintain momentum and motivation. Apply these tones in pictures, curtains, pillows, pots and small desk accessories.

The peach or colors favor communication, however the greens help generate new ideas, if what you need is to connect with the emotions then use the blue tones.

For repetitive work we decide by the bright colors in orange and yellow tones. And if you want to promote mental activity, white is your color. Finally choose natural and beige colors to keep the concentration.

Creates a secluded, quiet and distraction-free space

It is imperative that your work area is isolated from any kind of distraction and noise. A quiet place away from children and other temptations. If this is not possible, because your home is small looking for a corner in which you turn your back on everything under the stairwell, inside a closet or bedroom.

Isolate ourselves will help us focus more on our work, so add a store, screen or curtains to create a small division that separate us from the rest, it is a great resource.

Another way to get that working environment is using the recommended materials for an office, such as wood for floors and furniture laminates or coatings. Super -friendly materials that will help you focus and get you.

For the design does not remain monotonous mix with hints of other materials, such as copper, glass, cork, plants or fabrics, with these touches get vitality. If you do not have wooden floor, a good alternative is to add a carpet of ethnic style or natural fibers, or coated cloth wall with pine wood panels.

Avoid clutter and broken things

Another basic for a good workspace is that is very well organized, not much to look at, are distracting elements and also make you lose time when you want something.

It is also important to arrange the furniture in a comfortable and logical manner in which all this by hand. Create a space where the arrangement of furniture allows you to circulate freely.

We cannot forget the cleaning and care of our furniture and belongings, so it is advisable to eliminate the flimsy input, broken or damaged surfaces. Also the table legs and the seat should rest on firm.

Try to be light and airy

Your eyes will thank you. Ideally, your office available natural light, but in any case we need to light up the room with indirect light. We seek one ceiling lamp screen at the bottom to blur the light and illuminate the entire space, plus add a direct light, as a task light that illuminates just the work area.

For tasks concentration is recommended bulbs blue about 60W, but many people prefer the warmth of the yellow bulbs. You can always mix. It is necessary that the whole environment is well lit with overall ceiling light and shadows not generate ourself with our body or objects. Help yourself to the mirrors to get more clarity and comprehensiveness.

If you have a window with natural light, take it and place the desktop side, in any case the computer should not receive direct sunlight. And if you used to work at night or very detailed tasks, you must have a desk lamp that can be directed to the working area.

It is also recommended for higher performance, aerate the office often do every break, maintaining a temperature between 19 and 22 degrees.

1001 resources to order the small equipment

As mentioned, it is essential to maintain the orderly space, so it is necessary that the office supplies, papers and books are properly stored and readily available while we are working.

Use any resource you can think to organize your small accessories, from a drawer under the desk, some shelves or shelves located right next to you, through a metal bar to hang notes and bowls right in front of the desk.

It is also very practical to have small drawers on your table in which to put your pencils, or hang a cork in which to write your notes and reminders. Uses a box wooden wine and hang on the wall as a drawer. As you can see there are a lot of simple resources.

And here 6 essential to achieve the perfect office have, if you follow these practical ideas will help you have your office neater and improve your productivity. For more tips visit http://clickmyemails.com/.

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