A Brief Overview Of Anxiety, Causes And Treatments

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Anxiety is a common disorder. People with this disorder are susceptible to excessive nervousness and fear which can hinder their ability to function normally. They also experience a range of physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, panic, sleep problems, dizziness, excessive worry, etc which apparently become the warning signs and must be recognized at the earliest.

According to various studies, much like certain illnesses such as diabetes or allergies, anxiety disorders can also run in the families on a biological basis. These disorders may develop from a host of factors such as brain chemistry, genetics, personality or traumatic life events.

What Are The Causes Of Anxiety?

The specific causes of developing anxiety disorder are unclear. However, in most mental disorders, anxiety is considered to be a result of a complex set of factors, be it environmental or genetic psychological factors. Sometimes, both environmental and psychological work together to trigger anxiety attacks.

People who go through a series of unpleasant situations or experience a traumatic situation can also develop anxiety disorder. Furthermore, having a medical illness or serious health condition can also cause significant worry about the relevant issue including the treatment.

Typically anxiety disorder alerts the brain about a threat’s presence and triggers anxiety or fearful response. Sometimes, your emotional memories that are stored in the central part of your amygdale plays a significant role in developing anxiety symptoms including distinct fears, for example, fear of spiders.

Panic attacks can also be sudden cause of devastating fear and anxiety. They can make your heart pounding in addition to cause you to have shortness of breath. It can even trigger conditions where you feel like you are dying. Panic attacks are more likely to lead to severe panic disorders and other medical problems if left untreated. 

Professional Diagnosis

Frequent anxiety situations need immediate help. If you have any symptoms that you think are causing you to go into stress and anxiety disorder, it’s the time when you must see your doctor. Usually, a doctor will conduct a physical examination to see if there are any signs that may have a link with an underlying health condition.

Your doctor may also order some blood and urine tests to confirm any medical suspected conditions. Also, he will ask you a series of questions about your medical history and symptoms.

Treatment Options

Anxiety disorders are treated with both medical treatments and behavioral therapies. Medications like Etizolam are considered effective treatment in getting rid of anxiety symptoms and get back to a normal life routine.

Medicines such as antidepressant and anti-anxiety are prescribed to control a few of physical and mental symptoms. However, such medications shouldn’t be used for a longer period due to their addictive nature. Instead, people with anxiety look for natural ways to cope up with their anxiety disorder.

In addition to medications, behavioral therapies are used to help you cope up with your anxiety disorders. You are taught to overcome with your symptoms with several small steps such as getting active and busy, sleeping well, saying yourself an encouragement statement etc.

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