Amazon Go: Another Step Forward Of The American Giant

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Amazon Go Another Step Forward Of The American Giant

The latest Amazon project ,  is Amazon Go a real grocery store , but that promises there will never be lines.

The future is impressive. And scary. But above all impressive.

Today in the Amazon ads the company introduced Amazon Go, an 1800 square foot food supply store that does not require a checkout. As you read it, without any type of checkout: It will simply be necessary to use the application to scan the products when you arrive at the store, then you must grab your items and save them. When you leave, your Amazon account will be charged automatically and a receipt will be sent to you.

Amazon Go Another Step Forward Of The American GiantThe above video tries to explain technology, something about computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion, a combination that they have called “just walk out” technology – just walking outside – it seems to be the same idea behind self-directed cars.

This store is the company’s first foray into traditional retail. The company has not only been responsible for revolutionizing the online market, but now, they are introducing innovative technologies that aim to shake the foundations of how people buy today and how to relate to the point of sale.

The American giant took the lead from its competitors with Amazon Go being a leader in electronic commerce and innovating in artificial intelligence. The physical store is focused on improving the experience of its users by combining the best eCommerce strategies.

Amazon Go Another Step Forward Of The American GiantHow does Amazon Go work?

This establishment located in the United States is a true revolution in traditional shopping methods. The key is to download the application from Amazon Go on your smartphone and using it to make purchases. Together with a system of cameras and sensors they record all your movements. All this from the first moment you step on the establishment. As you go shopping, the shopping cart of the application is updated automatically. It will be adding the products to your list. When arriving at the store the mobile device must go through a scanner.

Once inside, the client will be able to acquire all the products that he wants. By means of sensors in the products, it will detect which products the customer takes and adds to his shopping list. If for some reason the customer wants to return a product to their section, it will be automatically deleted from the shopping list, without the need for the customer to do something.

Once the entire shopping list has been made, the customer must leave the establishment and automatically some sensors incorporated in the store will charge according to the payment method previously configured.

Amazon Go Another Step Forward Of The American GiantAmazon Go food

Amazon has announced the appearance of a new patent in which it will be able to have access to the mobiles of its clients. Where you can analyze all your movements and behavior when purchasing a product. To capture this data, the customer must only enter the Wi-Fi network provided by the store.

Amazon Go Another Step Forward Of The American GiantWhat good will it do to have your customers controlled?

The idea of ​​keeping an eye on your clients provides the brand with information about them. As well as a thorough control of your purchase online in physical stores. With the new patent, Amazon will know its audience better . So you will discover the websites that your client visits, thus generating new purchasing strategies.

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