Are You Going To A Wedding? Prom Dresses

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Are You Going To A Wedding Prom Dresses

By your request I bring you some other dress to go to the wedding, I am in favor of the short dresses both day and night, although I also like the long ones, but we will start with the short dresses that are perhaps the easiest to find.

To go to the wedding everything is allowed, asymmetrical, with straps, pins, ruffles, pleats … Do you have any wedding? What kind of dress do you look for?

Are You Going To A Wedding Prom DressesThis first is ideal for a wedding day and night, the yellow is flattering, and I love it combined with silver, although today we could do it with strong colors if you are more risky, yes I would never do it with black …

Many say that by protocol in a day wedding cannot go in black , but I think the protocol has passed to a second line, so both day and night is a color that says: elegance, and that combined with Style is perfect. This dress of Zara combined with a medium headdress, which I have chosen is black and white, gives, the perfect touch.

Are You Going To A Wedding Prom DressesThe asymmetrical were a fever last season, and it seems that they will continue to give war, and so you can see in the Mango website, with them you will not fail, that yes the length that they now do not like anything, I It would shorten them a little.

Are You Going To A Wedding Prom DressesI used to talk about protocol before and maybe going white or light colored is the trickiest thing in a wedding, but I have to say that I see more and more girls wearing crude dresses, so I put a proposal for you. Light shades, this Zara pleated dress combined with nude. Would you wear it?

Are You Going To A Wedding Prom DressesThe two following looks are from BDBA, the truth is that I love this signature, and if you want to spend a little more on your wedding styling, I encourage you to go through it, and there are very cute things! You can also buy in your online store. What do you think?

In French Connection I found this asymmetrical dress with ruffled sleeve with a great price! Very simple that with a jewel bag will be a great success!

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If what you see in the shops does not fascinate you, and you have a dressmaker or a good hand for the cut and the preparation, I leave a few pictures of famous with asymmetrical dresses that I have loved and that you can copy.

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