Aston Martin Vantage, More than 500 CV

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Aston Martin Vantage More than 500 CV

The exclusive luxury car brand Aston Martin, made available just lucky thousand more powerful version of its model Vantage. Today in our blog dedicated to the luxury we show limited edition Aston Martin Vantage, equipped with a 12 – cylinder engine over 500 hp.

Aston Martin Vantage More than 500 CVThis version based on the prototype Vantage RS of 2007 will see the light at the end of this year. He mounted a propeller indirect injection and variable intake made of aluminum, 12 cylinders placed in V with four valves per cylinder, a displacement of 6,000 cc and capable of delivering 517 hp power. Thanks to which this Aston Martin is able to reach 305 km. / H top speed and go from standing to 100 km. / H in 4.2 seconds. Have a ceramic brake system, seats made of carbon and kevlar and spectacular forged aluminum wheels. The British manufacturer has focused on reducing the weights from the previous version a propeller mounted 8 – cylinder. For this, the new frame is made of aluminum Vantage. This V12 is 15 mm lower than the V8, its suspensions have been redesigned and have springs of higher hardness. Special care has been taken with the new braking system based ceramic brakes have been redesigned air intakes ventilating discs to avoid overheating thereof.Aston Martin Vantage More than 500 CV

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This sporty two – seats measures 4.38 meters long, 1.86 wide and only 1.24 meters up from the ground. Its weight is 1,755 kilograms.Aston Martin Vantage More than 500 CV

Has an equipment very complete series that includes stability control, headlights xenon a limited – slip differential, sensors that help the parking, air conditioning, adjustable sports seats electrically a navigation system that includes hard drive and Bluetooth technology. Aston Martin offers the buyer a lot of future possibilities for customization of Vantage to turn even further in an exclusive different to any other car.

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