How To Behave After Having Sex With A Guy?

In men, after having sex, both consciously and unconsciously after sex with a girl, confidence is triggered – she’s mine!

Only in this way a man can feel confident – when “he is given”. Because when a man does not get sex, it means something is wrong in the relationship. And especially impressionable take it that the problem is in themselves.

But when I lie with a girl after sex, it’s good for me, because I’m kicking myself. If the girl I like, then I get high from myself even more. And it’s not just that.

But I enjoy various factors. I got sex from her and relieved the tension, I lost my sexual energy.

How can I, like a man, understand – when my girlfriend is? Only in one case. When she gives it to me. Even if she confesses to me in love – I still can not say for sure that she is completely mine.

I know a guy whom the girl loved with the brain, and loved the body with the other. That is, one said that he was so good, and with the other, he slept and considered him a goat))).

Therefore, after sex with a girl, any guy has some certainty – she’s mine. She gave herself to me!

And this applies not only to the first sex but also to long-term relationships.

Sex is an indicator that everything is more or less normal in a relationship. There is another light! If there is no sex – this is a clear and clear indicator that the relationship has died out.

Sex is an indicator that a man has achieved his goal.

After sex, interest decreases

I do not know what girls feel after sex, but I know perfectly well what men feel and you most likely will not like it. We lose interest in girls after sex. But, if to it there is a huge liking, then, in the long run, we behave as usual. So, how to behave, so that in the future without problems get more sex with this girl. If the sympathy is small, then we dump it. Under any pretext.How To Behave After Having Sex With A Guy?

The logical chain can be traced very clearly. Before sex and during sex, a man does not have any affairs, there is no thought of dumping somewhere. And after having sex immediately there are cases. Men are cleverer able so beautifully to leave, that the girl will think that everything is excellent. However, the very fact that he went into the calculation is not taken.

But as the author of this article remarked – whatever girl was, even the first beauty, even the love of all life – always after having sex interest in it decreases. We will not consider the physiology of man and we will not consider the ethnology of man. You can just take my word for it, I just do not want to ship you with a theory and refer to real evidence.

As a rule, interest appears with increased sexual desire over time. So if he called you in a couple of days, then he wants you again!

Everything in the world is going to decline, and naturally, interest is all fading and dying away. And in the end, your boyfriend just disappears. And do not blame him, it’s not only nature that is to blame, but you!

Most girls behave normally after sex. It does not matter how, most importantly, what happens in the brain of a man.

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Formula in the male head

And as we looked at the very beginning – when he is born a formula, it is mine + a decrease in interest in it.

Of course, there are men to whom sex is a holiday and then it does not decrease interest, but vice versa. But we will not consider these men because they are unlikely to be interesting to you.

Your task is to make the formula work for you. Ideally, it should be vice versa. It is not my + increasing interest.

How to do it?

How to behave after having sex with a man?

Once I met a girl and she liked me. With her, everything was spinning very fast and soon we had sex. But after having sex, I did not feel what I usually felt. I was not sure that she was mine and I wanted to get closer to her even more. This has never happened to me!

Sex with her was normal. I achieved it very easily, during sex I was sure that she, like other girls, will be on my saucer. Everything went standard, nothing foreshadowed the storm. But I broke off like I never broke off.How To Behave After Having Sex With A Guy?

With me, this was the first time and this I suspect is very rare, although everything is very simple and obvious. So much so that it’s hard to believe.

That’s what she did – right after sex she got dressed, told me “for now” and left. Absolutely calm and cool, as if we had just solved algebra.

I had a feeling that I was being raped. I did not understand – why did this happen? What have I done wrong? Did I offend her? She took advantage of me? SHE I HAVE USED??? Maybe she has someone?

I began to think about her a lot, although I tried in every possible way to throw my thoughts away from her.

The mind told me – a fool! Cool! You yourself wanted to find the reason for it more quickly, she helped you in this! Rejoice!

But I could not bear it. No way. It did not fit into my head. This broke my formula and a new formula was born. She, my gosh, is not mine + I have an interest rate.

I had a friend who was very unlucky with the guys. She was constantly used and thrown. I advised her to behave differently. She did this.

After having sex with a guy at home, she told him the phrase that brought the brain to this bombastic cat. She told him – thanks for sex, I liked it, and now get dressed and go.

He asked ten times why and what is wrong? The result – he sat down with her, and she took this device into service.

So. Often after sex, men simply lose interest. To prevent this from happening, you need to act out of the box.

  • Unexpectedly, after sex, go.
  • Ask to leave the guy. Without explaining the reasons.
  • Call a friend to pick you up.
  • Behave as if there was nothing between you. He comes to kiss you, you repel him – are you crazy? Sex does not mean anything!

Usually, everything goes differently.

  • Girls ask the guy to stay. One girl begged me to stay for the night, but her interest in it just fell.
  • The girls themselves remain. I want her to go. I want to sleep, but she sits and sits. It’s tiring. All of you do this!
  • After sex, a man can safely kiss, stroke, touch and not encounter obstacles. This convinces that it is exactly mine and further reduces interest.

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