Can You Design In Windows?

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Can You Design In Windows

Ask the average person what kind of computer is best to design, and you’ll probably get something like this in response: “Well, my cousin uses Photoshop, and says that Macs are the best.”

The Apple brand has become almost synonymous with design, and rightly so. They establish fashion and have led the way for years. Some will say they lead him until now. The confluence of Apple’s products and its modern perception of design has been set so much in Western culture that even some of the less “technical” people I know believe there is a connection between Apple’s products and good designers.

Can You Design In WindowsAll this is enough for a designer in Windows / Linux to feel very lonely…

When I started designing, I wanted a Mac. One day, I went to the only Apple certified distributor in our small Mexican city, and I fell in love. What can I tell you? I was 13 years old and I was easily impressed with the new technology.

As a surprise for my 16th birthday, my brother bought me a computer. It was an assembled desktop PC shipped from Canada. It was not very powerful – and there were many like her – but this one was mine. I did not forget my growing love for the Cupertino fruit, but at least I already had something to start with. I installed Windows XP Pro, and that’s how my trip began.

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Since then, I have created websites on the 3 best known platforms: Windows, Linus and Mac. The simple truth is that once you get used to or personalize the environment, each operating system can be used quickly and efficiently for any task you can imagine. . I can be productive in any environment as long as I can install the software I need.

This means that from my perspective as a user, there is nothing wrong with Windows. Ok, Windows 8 needs a return button (in fact, they already did). Beyond this, Windows has always worked well for me, with a little maintenance. God knows Linux has hung up on me enough. And I do not think you want to know the words he used to describe Apple’s little beach ball.

Why, then, do they treat Windows as the black sheep of the design world? I suspect that it is because we nerds tend towards fanaticism and / or idealism. In addition, making fun of Microsoft is often very simple.

With so many designers and programmers leaving the Windows environment, they asked me how it feels to design in Windows. I will try to explain it.

I feel jealous

I am not going to lie. I feel envious of the Mac frequently. It’s not just because my experience with a Macbook has been so … simple and fast. It’s not just because Apple’s hardware is so, so beautiful.

It’s that, well, Macs get a lot more love in the form of awesome apps! Well, Windows has more applications, but Mac’s … I cannot tell you how long I’ve been waiting to try Coda . I would spend my money without thinking if there was support for Windows or Linux.

Or what about Hammer? Seriously, I’m getting tired of PHP includes on my static websites. I love the concept, and I want to try it … but I cannot. All I can do is enjoy the testimony of Elliot Jay Stocks about the application and then cry inside. (By the way, you can sell me anything if you get Mr. Stocks to say something good about it).

I could go on, but enough to say that it would be much poorer if some of these developers decided to launch their application for another platform.

Can You Design In WindowsWindows makes things easy … sometimes too easy

Windows is great to the extent that it has an installer for everything. Before I overcame my fear of terminal, there were technologies that were simply inaccessible to me, unless they come with an automatic installer. Having the ability to simply install and run a server with a couple of clicks started me using WordPress, and other content managers, in a way I could never have achieved.

Times have changed, and recently I installed and configured Apache, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin myself (I’m an adult!) In a Linux system based on Arch. I could never have achieved it, it is true, if someone had not made it possible to install XAMPP on Windows was so simple.

Just a few days ago, I wanted to try the new blogging platform, Ghost. It is built on Node.js, and I wanted to test it quickly without having to think about how to make Node.js work in Windows. Fortunately, the great people of Bitnami created an installer for that effect.

This can have negative consequences, whether you are on Windows or Mac. Making things too simple can make people (that is, me) trust technologies without first learning more about them. I could fill books with what I still do not know about servers, for example.

Can You Design In WindowsOk, but what is the best design in Windows?

Not having to get into configuring file permissions. Ahhh … kidding. Windows has its benefits. Ease of access for new designers and layout designers (with a little research), and over-abundance of software to try (although I still want to try Hammer), and of course, your community.

Seriously, Windows nerds are very useful

But the best has nothing to do with the software itself. Being stuck with early Windows forced me to notice that a designer’s most important tools are in his head. Software comes and goes, but the principles of design, mental discipline, and the ability to solve problems always stay with you.

It sounds trite, but it’s true

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I should go to turn off my PC, then turn it on again, and then continue doing the same thing for no apparent reason beyond the fact that that seems to fix whatever.

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