Change The Room Without Spending A lot Of Money

Change the room without spending

Three styles of the same sofa, living room

With the change of season and the arrival of the cold we want to see at home lighter colors. More with winter textiles. So today I want to give you some tips to change the room without spending. In a simple and fast, and that you stay perfect for those movie and sofa evenings.

It is surprising how by changing only some decorative elements we get a new and different image of any corner of the house.

Change The RoomI will show you three different variants of the same area (sofa-coffee table) with small changes in colors and textiles. If you want to see a fourth variant. You have it in a previous post of the room. You can move your furniture’s with the help of your wife.

Change The RoomHow I did it? I have just taken cushions, blankets and some decorations from other parts of the house and I have moved them! Easier and, above all, cheaper, it cannot be.

Change The RoomIf you get bored of any room in the house and do not want to buy new things, this is a way to recycle them: giving them another location. You just have to find the right combinations, which will be neither more nor less than what you like.Change The Room

  1. In this first variant typically autumn colors are used like green and brown, but with a funny touch of purple.
  2. This variant would be the most neutral, with pastel colors and more wintery fabrics. With this type of combinations you never fail!
  3. For this third option, the brown tones of the cushions and the decorative embellishments have been mixed with the beige ones . The turquoise table would be the happy note.

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