China Already Sells Apple Watch Imitations

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China Already Sells Apple Watch Imitations

More and more people are buying technology from China. The reason is not only its low price. Also, they already have quality products and are also safe purchases with all the necessary guarantees. Another of its great attractions is the speed that this market has, as soon as a product comes out, within a few days we can find the cheapest alternative. That just happened with the Apple Watch.

China Already Sells Apple Watch ImitationsChina, Apple Watch imitations


It was last Monday when  Apple released more details of its main bet for this season, Apple Watch, although it will not be available until next April 24. However if we settle for a cheaper alternative we can find it already in China . Not only in their physical stores, but through the Internet as well.

China Already Sells Apple Watch ImitationsYou can buy imitations, as they are sold under another name, from 40 dollars. They copy the model, at least externally, with great fidelity. But as we said at a much lower price, the original from about $ 350, the most expensive imitation, and 80. As for its benefits, logically will not be the same, but for many will be enough. What most manufacturers do is to use the Android operating system, but modified to get them to have the intelligent Apple Clock interface. Even experts say that as the days go by the imitations will have higher quality.

China Already Sells Apple Watch ImitationsChina, Apple Watch forgeries

A separate point deserve the forgeries that we can find in the Chinese market of Apple Watch, which in this case is an illegal product that is marketed using the name of the wearable directly. In fact we can even find the version of its most luxurious model the Apple Watch Edition, whose cost is between $ 10,000 and $ 17,000, while in China you can acquire the counterfeit under the same name for $ 470. Presumably also in gold, but that would have to be seen.

As we said this is another issue. However in the field of imitations we may start to see more and more copies of the famous Apple watch.

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