Crowdfunding, A Good Financing Alternative

Few people know that micromanaging – or  crowdfunding , (as most people know) is a phenomenon of French origin that emerged as an option to finance charitable works at a time when what we now know as  the welfare state did  not exist.

Today, crowdfunding is a system of collective financing by which a large mass of public supports with small capital contributions the implementation of a project. Although collective collections are a practice that has been manifested throughout history, the development of technologies makes it possible to establish this method of financing as a routine phenomenon, away from the exceptional nature and urgency of the collective financing known so far.

Crowdfunding A Good Financing Alternative In exchange for their participation in the project, cofinanciers, as people who support projects are often called, receive non-monetary rewards ranging from personalized thank-you on the creator’s website to pre-buying products or services at a great price Inferior before launching them to the market, even the possibility of opting for jobs.

Thus crowdfunding is not only a system to raise capital, it also serves as a marketing campaign for the company and a way to validate the quality of the project in the market. This formula is still starting in our country and there are many people who continue to relate it to the field of culture. And, even though some film has been financed through this system, it is increasingly common to find examples that demonstrate its viability for any sector.Crowdfunding A Good Financing Alternative

But if we enter into the field of equity crowdfunding  (financing in exchange for shareholding), we find projects with possibilities to be very profitable. Specialized platforms in this type of loans and investments do not have specific legislation in our country – contrary to what happens in the US, France, Germany or UK. However, to end this legal vacuum, the Council of Ministers announced, on 28 February, its intention to regulate them. The legal instrument used will be the Law on Promotion of Business Financing (currently in the Preliminary Draft phase), and Title V will establish the legal regime for “participatory financing platforms”.Crowdfunding A Good Financing Alternative

In a recent study by BBVA, the  Research Economic Outlook 2013 , the Spanish bank claims that “crowdfunding based on equity and loans is a disruptive technology for the banking industry” and that, therefore, “there is a real risk that banks Stop being the primary source of financing for personal loans and small businesses. “

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