Data security breaches in top operating systems and its security measures

When we buy a computer system there is a system software installed in it in order to run the system logically. This is what we call “Operating System”. Today, on the bases of Operating system, demand, and supply of the systems worth. There is a battle for success between many operating system makers, but windows and Unix are among the top competitors in the globe.

The main purpose of the operating system is to make your system working in user-friendly environment, provide better, safe and uninterruptable services. So, selecting the most suitable operating system seems to be a paramount picture of your computer performance. Majority of the of the people in the world are associated with “Windows” but “Mac Users” are not behind from windows. There is a big debate about who is the best which has been discussed in this content below.


Windows is the first series of modern operating systems and since then it has been popular among the users and people found it very simple, easy and pacey in use. Mac systems and its operating system is nothing new, it has been on the market and effectively made an impact on its users because of its simplicity, security, and accuracy.


Now a day we mostly hear from the users that they are worried about the security issues that cause their data to theft or loss by any means. To encounter the data lost situation operating systems have different special purpose softwares that are responsible for the data and system security.

Mac’s baseline security mostly suffered by hackers, frauds, data theft and loss situations etc. but now many confidential and safety features to its OS. Although it is very difficult to challenge the security of Mac still hackers provide some adventure to the analysts of Apple to tackle them. Data loss is the key concern of hackers and to overcome the issue recovery software are there to retrieve data in no time.

Mac data recovery is somehow difficult because of its non-compatible nature so an effective recovery software that is specially designed for Mac data recovery is preferred to use.

In contrast to Windows OS, there Graphical User Interface is more effective than Mac and the interface is friendlier to develop many special purpose software. For instance, you will find all payroll, controlling and simulation softwares are designed to work on windows rather than any other OS. Being its compatible nature, it is also famous for the “Dirty Hands”. It is easier to attack any software or program in windows as compared to Mac. Currently, a new feature in Windows 10 has been introduced that enables you to retrieve data if you lost your data accidentally or manages to leak unintentionally from your system called Enterprise Data Protection.

But if your data is not retrievable with it free recovery softwares are there to perform your recovery wizard which is much easier than Mac data recovery, but preventive measures must take rather than to stuck like these situations.

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