Design Of Furniture In The Interior

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Design Of Furniture In The Interior

How to make a house functional and comfortable for life? First of all, you need to plan your interior design correctly. The design of furniture in it plays a major role, and it should be selected according to your lifestyle and habits.

In certain areas, certain ergonomic requirements and standards have already been established. Furniture design sets the following standards for the height of the working surface:

  • a writing desk – 750 mm,
  • the seat of a chair or stool – 450 mm,
  • reclining chair – 350 mm

Despite the changes in artistic styles and directions with their individual characteristics, these parameters, coming from the physical dimensions of a person, remain practically unchanged for a long time.

Here some design of furniture in the interior

Living roomDesign Of Furniture In The Interior

The living room is a place that reflects your personality and at the same time creates comfort and coziness. The premise should provide convenience for various kinds of activity and be able accordingly to be modified. You should strive to meet the needs of all members of your family to the maximum.

Remember that with the arrangement of the living room, the TV does not have to occupy a central position. Moreover, a much better solution is not to turn all the furniture in its direction. In addition, we recommend that you hide the audio and DVD systems with cabinets and shelves with sliding doors.

Great attention should be paid to choosing a sofa, sofa or armchair. Just like when choosing a bed – only expensive and high-quality products are suitable for frequent use.Design Of Furniture In The Interior

Items in the living room should attract attention: whether it’s an original coffee table, a massive chandelier or a composition of shelves and shelves.

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The interior design of the kitchen and furniture in it is a very important point. After all, the kitchen is not only a room for cooking but also a place where we spend time at the same table with our loved ones.Design Of Furniture In The Interior

The kitchen, as a rule, is purchased for a long time, so it should be functional and practical, hygienic and reliable. First, think about how often you cook, what exactly and when. A good company for making kitchen furniture will not only offer you design but also take into account your personal wishes.


A bedroom is a place of solitude. It should embody everything that you dream about – being sensual and luxurious, delivering joy and being stunningly beautiful. From the design of the room depends on your night sleep, the mood with which you wake up and fall asleep.Design Of Furniture In The Interior

Think about everything that you like to do in the bedroom and consider this when designing. The use of various lamps, curtains, curtains and textiles in a certain way affects the atmosphere of the room and creates the right mood.

Fashion 2018

All the previously popular trends in the interior design of furniture have also moved to 2018. The unconditional leader, as before, is the eco-style, in which there are a wooden texture and other natural materials. If you do not want to recreate the interior of the log house, then you can use wooden rustic furniture. It is distinguished by deliberate rudeness, it seems knocked down hastily from poorly processed wood or various parts of old furniture.

The use of things of different sizes is a centuries-old reception that gives the house a certain character and appeal. Premises, where everything is sustained on one scale, are predictable and flat.Design Of Furniture In The Interior

In place of pastel colors, such as pink, mint, lemon comes more saturated, but not bright – multi-component, deep, natural.

As for the drawing, here the first place belongs to all kinds of plants and flowers. And this applies not only to wallpapers, tiles or design curtains 2018. A similar trend covers furniture. Flowers can be bright, graphic, monochrome, monochrome, but what is needed and can be used in large quantities is undeniable.

Every year the form is simplified, becomes laconic and at the same time filled with greater functionality and ease.

Beautiful practicality – that’s what became a modern trend. A competent combination of such components as purpose, shape, texture, and color create a harmony of the composition.


With the mind, go to the choice of design of furniture for home and interior design. This will make your house functional and convenient for life.

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