Dukan Diet Vs Coherent Diet Comparison

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Dukan Diet Vs Coherent Diet Comparison

Dangers of the Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet has failed in the United States 40 years ago and in recent years has broken out in Europe. As we discussed with respect to protein diets ,  the University of Southern California-Davis followed a sample of 6300 patients for almost 20 years and found that subjects with hyperprotein diets had twice the chance of dying from any cause and four times to make them victims of cancer.

This study concluded that continued and excessive consumption of animal protein causes a person to be four times more likely to die of cancer, or early on than someone on a low protein diet, or diets with higher vegetable protein content.

Dukan Diet Vs Coherent Diet ComparisonThe Dukan Diet has the same side effects as other protein diets like Siken diet, Ysonut, Mincidelice, Woet, Proteifine or the  Pronokal diet . Patients are placed in ketosis due to a very low consumption of carbohydrates, generating a lot of metabolic stress to obtain energy through the stored fats transforming them into ketone bodies.

1.-Protein diets normally recommend 700-800 Kcal regardless of gender, weight and physical activity of the patient based on protein shakes and vitamin supplements.

2.- Any diet that is based on a vitamin supplement indicates that it generates deficiencies or is dangerous to health.

3.-A diet based on shakes is not compatible with the social life of the person, generates frustration and anxiety.

4.- The protein diet achieves a very pronounced weight loss in the first phase, but the organism at 5 months activates adaptive mechanisms that slow the loss of weight and favor a pronounced rebound effect when leaving the shakes.

5.- Another of the dangers of the protein diet is that it generates metabolic stress and an overproduction of free radicals  that accelerate premature aging and deteriorate the state of health in the medium term.

6.-These protein diets increase the production of ketone bodies, which are toxic. The first days of the diet produce vomiting and dizziness but later, they generate decrease of the appetite or anorexia, side effect looked for by these diets.

7.-The Dukan diet like the other hyperproteic diets damages the kidney, according to the recent study from the University of Granada.

8.-The Dukan diet accelerates the aging according to the recent study of the University of Sydney. Excess protein lowers the FGF21 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), which reduces defenses and increases the risk of diabetes and cancer.

Dukan Diet Vs Coherent Diet ComparisonHealthy Alternative to the Dukan Diet

The Coherent Diet is a balanced diet to lose weight, controls appetite and reduces fat deposits to achieve the ideal weight and improve the health status of the individual.

The Coherent Diet does not decrease muscle mass so it does not alter the basal metabolism responsible for weight oscillations.

It is a healthy diet that maintains the level of insulin in blood, so your appetite is satiated and you find yourself with vitality. In addition, insulin regulates the body’s ability to store fat, allowing you to reduce deposits of localized fat, cholesterol and triglycerides.

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Decalogue of the Coherent Diet

1.Make 5 meals a day. Eat every 4 or 5 hours.

2.Each meal should include lean protein, favorable fats and carbohydrates of low glycemic load, according to plate rule.

 Dukan Diet Hazards.  Decalogue Coherent Diet.  Plate RuleLow-glycemic carbohydrates  (vegetables, vegetables, salad, stew, broth, vegetable purée) that gradually give up their sugars and raise insulin  (hormone responsible for appetite, fat storage and inflammation). If the garnish is pasta, potatoes or rice, reduce the amount, better whole and cooked “al dente” (see infographics).

Lean proteins (white or blue fish, veal, chicken, turkey, eggs, better vegetables, legumes, dairy products, yogurt and lean cheese) favor the secretion of glucagon, which is the hormone against insulin. This makes it easier to keep your blood glucose level and avoid insulin spikes.

– Monounsaturated fat (extra virgin olive oil, nuts, avocado or olives) and polyunsaturated fats (blue fish, seaweed, flax, chia), which improve palatability and satiety achieved with food. If you eat a moderate amount of fat at each meal, your body reduces the need to store excess calories in fat tissue as a survival mechanism.

3.Have breakfast the first hour you wake up to restore hormonal balance after nighttime fasting. The meal should be before 3 pm and dinner about 9 pm to optimize the circadian rhythms of nutrient assimilation (Chronobiology).

4.Increases the intake of foods rich in fiber (whole grains, fruit, vegetables, vegetables and legumes), to improve intestinal transit and maintain the microbiota (intestinal flora). There is increasing research that your microbiota has a powerful influence on your weight and health . We recommend you eat foods high in prebiotics (probiotic food) and probiotics (live bacteria).

Dukan Diet Vs Coherent Diet Comparison5.Eat fresh and seasonal foods that guarantee optimal nutritional quality and sustainable food .

6.Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, also infusions without caffeine, broths and soups. Take a glass of water with 2-3 drops of lemon to regulate the blood pH. The Coherent Diet is very alkalizing because it recommends alkalizing foods such as green leafy vegetables, lemon water and seaweed.

Dukan Diet Hazards.  Water with lemon drops on breakfast and acidity of food.  Decalogue Coherent Diet

7.Do not exclude any food from your diet , because all contribute interesting nutrients, except in the case of allergies, food intolerances or vegetarian or vegan diet, but always put in the hands of a Nutritionist to make up for the deficiencies.

 8.Modera the amount of hidden sugar  salt, saturated fats and trans fats (present in margarines, pastries, ice cream or sauces), more harmful than saturated, appear as “partially hydrogenated vegetable fats.” Avoid nutritional stressors: sugar, coffee, tea, cola drinks, alcohol, etc.

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9.Stress no thanks: Do not feel remorse if you commit some excess, as stress generates insulin spikes, appetite, fluid retention and inflammation. Perform relaxation techniques to counteract the chronic stress in which we are immersed.

10.Practice physical exercise that activates your metabolism.

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