An Effective Swimming Pool Strategy

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There are so many things to think about when getting a swimming pool. Among them are your finances. While you want to maximize space, you also need to add value to your home. Laying in a swimming pool is a big investment; it makes sense to do the math and determine ROI; here’s how: calculate current value of home and guestimate value ten years downline. Next, factor in the cost of the pool. It will range from about $5000 to over $100,000 depending on size, landscaping, materials used, and pool amenities such as waterfalls and Jacuzzi style. Look over the numbers and spend what makes sense to get your money back when and should you decide to sell.

To reduce the dangers of unintentionally falling into the pool when you exit the house, make sure your pool isn’t too big for your yard. Determine where the pool is to be situated in your yard. Leave lots of walking round room, so you can move and entertain safely. Choose the shape based on your planned use and shape of yard. If it will be used for laps only, then a slender rectangle is best. If it is for family fun and you entertain a lot, get as big a pool as makes sense.

Now think about pool depth. If you plan on having a diving board, be sure depth is enough. If you have kids or children will be coming over, get a graduated depth so there is a shallow end. Be sure to put steps into your pool design , so kids and seniors can get in and out.

Thinking beyond the pretty to the practical includes planning security and access. Be sure locked fences keep out wandering neighborhood kids and if appropriate, put automatic pool covers in place when the pool isn’t in use. Also, factor in a plenty of room around the pool to have easy but safe access.

Design a functional but out-of-sight area for storage and your heater. The storage should be large enough for pool equipment, cleaning supplies, and pool toys.

You don’t have to spend hours on the Web looking for information about pool installation.

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