Eight ways to know what song sounds in a series or movie

what song sounds

Perhaps you’ve ever spent by the situation of watching a movie or a series, listen to a particular scene a song you like, and do not know what it’s called. You try to keep back part of the letter and then look for it, ask family and friends … but it’s too complicated.

Fortunately, as in other facets of life, technology is on your side. There are several ways to find out the title of a song that sounds in a particular scene in a movie or TV series, and not only that, but also in many cases you put a direct link so that you can listen to or buy some iTunes online store type. Let us see what to do not stay without knowing the title of that song that has both liked.

what song sounds

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With your mobile phone

The first option that usually comes to mind, of course, is to use an app mobile. Both Shazam and SoundHound two well – known for identifying songs, options tend to recognize in a few seconds any melody sounds around you, and provide you the title and artist of any song. Yes, you have to be quick getting the phone from his pocket and throwing the app before the end of the song.

Shazam for desktop

Not only are mobile apps for identifying music. Shazam has versions for Windows and Mac on your application, with which you can identify all the songs that sound around you. Just let the active application, and it will recognize the songs.

Then, from the list of results, you can see the tab of the Shazam song (with lyrics, videos, etc.), hear a snippet online or buy it in iTunes.


What-Song is not so much a tool to identify a particular song that sounds at that moment, but a kind of database of soundtracks and songs , both movies and television series.

So, if for example you have seen an episode of Stranger Things and want to know the title of a song playing on it, you just have to search for the episode in question in What-Song and see the song list. You can hear a snippet of each, and buy it directly from iTunes or Amazon.

If you cannot find the song you want, you can ask for it to see if any other web user acknowledges it .


TuneFind is one of the first websites I met for this type of “task” and personally is my favorite. It works very similar to What-Song, although at first glance seems more focused on series television movies.

As with the previous website, you can go browsing your database in search of the series, episode and concrete scene where you hear a song you like. Tunefind also lets you hear a snippet of each song, and includes links to purchase on iTunes or Amazon, or listen directly from Apple Music.

And if you cannot find the song you want, try to ask the community of users TuneFind.


Unlike previous webs, Midomi is not centered only in series or movies, but allows you to identify any song, and does well in a very curious way: you yourself can sing the song to your PC to the web to recognize. You do not even need to know the letter, the tares is enough.

You only have to give access to your micro, lose the shame and sing a snippet of the song to your PC. It also serves, of course, that the reproduces from another sound source, such as a mobile or PC speakers themselves.


Sometimes there is no way to locate the song in question, none of the above sites, and we must resort to the help of others. In WatZatSong you can upload a fragment of a song you want to identify, and wait for someone to recognize and tell her title and performer.

It may not be as fast as technology, but sometimes it’s the only option you have left…

Ask Cortana

The assistant Windows 10 also helps you to recognize songs that are playing at that time around. You can change your music identification feature directly asking something like “What is this song?”, Or by clicking on the icon in the form of musical notes displayed on your window.

Google has the answer

If as said earlier has managed to retain some phrases of the chorus of the song you are looking for a good way to get figure out your title is introducing these phrases in Google, accompanied by the word ” lyrics ” and with a little luck it will return the title and author of the topic. For more visit http://headinformation.com/

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