Facebook Ads: 5 Tips To Get The Best Picture

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Facebook Ads 5 Tips To Get The Best Picture

When we talk about advertising on social networks, we certainly cannot pass up Facebook, its platform Facebook Ads is a promotional tool that has grown a lot in recent years.

Here are some tips that can be the key to making Facebook ads effective, improve the brand image and boost sales, and therefore, the campaign is successful.

Facebook Ads 5 Tips To Get The Best PictureShow, do not talk

Remember that in Facebook the image is the hook. If the brand has many attributes it is preferable to place them separately in several ads.

Keeping a proper amount of text will help you preserve the appeal of your image and, consequently, interest your audience for your proposal. If you want to add text does it in the spaces that Facebook has predisposed for that, such as the title and the body of the publication.

Accompany the ads with your logo in this way you ensure that the product is associated with the brand. Remember that, based on the premise that social media are quite visual; it is advisable to select professional photographs that enhance your brand. Clarity in messages

Facebook Ads 5 Tips To Get The Best PictureFacebook Ads 5 Tips To Get The Best PictureUse the right colors

The color contrast is also a design strategy that ensures that the consumers to whom our publication comes do not lose sight of what they want.

Visitors are attracted to bold colors as they are quite remarkable. That’s why the customer’s focus is on them. This makes color contrast to become one of the ideal tactics to achieve sales.

Remember also that each color transmits a mood, so it is very important to take into account what we want to convey with our image and express it with the right colors. For example:

Shows people behind the mark

Social networks are formed by the interaction of millions of people from different cities, states and even countries; they show a lifestyle in which you want your brand to be represented. If you make use of people for your ads, make sure your customers are reflected and represented through them. It is always easier to identify with someone than something. And if to this we add that the photo is attractive and attractive you will have an advertisement that surely will be a success.

Facebook Ads 5 Tips To Get The Best PictureCustom images

Many designers use image banks to start designing their publications, and that’s fine, but we recommend you always personalize those images to identify them with your brand. Add messages, change the light and contrast a bit, adjust to what the brand and the ad needs.

Includes a call to action

The call to action will allow you to tell the audience what to do. No good is an excellent advertisement that does not lead our audience to interact with us, we need ads that make those who see them become leads for our brand.

Invite your audience to visit the website, to see our site on Facebook; to leave a comment on that super funny video that you uploaded on Instagram … Remember that the key to success in digital marketing and social networking lies in the interaction.

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