Factors to Consider before Immigration to Angola

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Is immigration to Angola one of your goals? One of the largest oil producing countries in Africa, Angola is very popular and attracts a high number of immigrants who are looking for generous salaries and adventure. The country is quite rich in raw materials, which include diamonds and petroleum. Its economy is classified as one of the fastest growing economies all over the world. Every year, the infrastructure in Angola continues to see improvement thanks to its strong international relations with countries such as Portugal, China and South Africa. Even safety is less of a problem nowadays. The combination of these factors has made Angola a popular destination of immigrants.

It is not difficult to get an immigration visa for Angola as there are services such as One-visa to help you out throughout the process. Learn more here: Angola Visa Types. Furthermore, there are some factors you should take into account before making the decision and they are listed as follows:

        Property Prices

The capital Luanda is the top spot where most people move to when they decide to immigrate to Angola. The compounds are located south of the city and there is very high demand for housing. Therefore, living costs can be high, but if you are going on work visa, accommodation costs can be covered in the salary package. It is best to do your research and find a well-constructed, safe and maintained compound.


The standard of education in local schools is not as high as you might be used to, but there are international schools where you can send your kids. They have a higher standard of education and are a better choice for a bright future.


During the conflicts, most of the road infrastructure was destroyed. Even though work is being done at a brisk pace and improvements have been made, there is still a long way to go. You will need an experienced driver for traveling on the roads of Angola. Using public transport is not recommended as they are generally considered unsafe. Luckily, most companies offer a car and driver as part of the salary package.

        Currency Conversion

The Kwanza is the currency used in Angola and before you move there, you should get the best possible exchange rate for it. This will help you in starting a new life on a strong footing and you will also be able to keep track of your monies.

You should also visit different websites to find information about your city. This includes the local taxes, culture, food and other essential elements. Knowing all this beforehand will make it immensely easy for you to find your way around. In addition, you should also find a shipping service that can send your belongings to Angola safe and sound as this will make it more convenient and easier for you to settle. As long as you do your research and hire the right service for getting your visa, immigration to Angola will become a smooth and streamlined process for you and your family.            

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