Guest Look Options for My Upcoming Weddings

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Guest Look Options for My Upcoming Weddings

Today I come with a post looks for my upcoming weddings in which I want to ask for help, I have already done it on occasion, and it is that I like to know different opinions of people, like you, that you like fashion. (Yes I know, I used to look but I’m having very bad luck with time theme, photos, photographer) although I hope these post will help.

Well we started, as I have said on some occasion this year I have 7 weddings, and although in some I will repeat models in others or else I will buy something or rent in some of the sites that I told you in this post.  The first thing I will tell you is that this year all the weddings I have in the months of June, July, September and November is at night!!!! I do not know if I prefer it, I cannot decide between weddings at night or day, which do you like more?

Guest Look Options for My Upcoming WeddingsWedding

For my looks, even if they are weddings at night, do not necessarily have to go in black, today the protocol is much more relaxed, what I do feel like is repeated r look with pants palazzo like last year, and try some monkey, long and short dresses are always an option and this year there are a lot of things.

At the moment I have not come to prove anything, but it starts to be caught of time, but yes I have watched a lot and saved many photos, so I show you my options:

  • Look with palazzo pants and Biombo shirt 13: I’m in love with this signature, their shirts are different and feminine, I think that with a black palazzo and some golden accessories can be beautiful. That yes I do not decide fringed shirt or steering wheel?

Guest Look Options for My Upcoming WeddingsSteering wheel


Another look with Palazzo trousers, these colored bougainvillea that teaches us Estefanía de Confesiones of a wedding , of a firm that I just discovered Barea and has interesting things, are ideal.


Panambi is a firm that you already know and in La Mona more shop online to rent party dresses have these two models that I like. The first of the back to the air with gold chain and long sleeve, and the second long with neckline pronounced in beak with transparent tulle, if perhaps this last too risky, although I saw it to a girl put in a wedding with a fit for that it was not so stiff and could put on a bra that was quite good … maybe it was fatal to me. Indecision!


This dress is also from Barea, I do not know if I like it or not, but as I am a crazy plumeti that back I have loved! I know I’m going crazy.

Guest Look Options for My Upcoming WeddingsBare

This short dress in nude tone by Amaya Aruzaga for La Mona has seemed super stylish, with melena cuelta or collected, ideal for weddings day or night. Heels and perfect! Do not you think? This one has many ballots to be one of the chosen ones.


I’m not black or black and white binomial for weddings, but I have to say that has been to see this dress of Carolina Herrera and fascinated me, this I show you in case you see a clone that you send it to me because my pocket I doubt it will allow me buy it for me.


And finally this coral monkey by David Christian that I’m looking forward to going to try my new store, and that collection of braids drives me crazy!!

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