Children’s Kitchen Out Of The Box

Children's Kitchen Out Of The Box

Among the huge variety of toys for children, there are such models that help to comprehend the necessary skills and abilities necessary in adult independent life. One of such educational sets is a toy kitchen, which includes certain toy furniture, kitchen utensils, and household appliances. Children’s kitchen allows you to captivate your child with interesting actions, to teach etiquette unobtrusively in the process of playing, to develop your imagination.

Imitating adults, the little hostess will be able to learn how to cook a family dinner on her kitchenette, treat dolls to dinner, do the dishes, and maybe even open a cafe in the children’s room. It should be noted that such playsets will be interesting not only for girls – boys also willingly join the game and make many discoveries for themselves (for example, they can “fix” a gas stove or a kitchen faucet, as well as understand the principle of cooking this or that dish).

Children's Kitchen Out Of The Box

In children’s stores today, you can find different models of children’s kitchen, from the kitchen island to a full suite, including toy appliances and furniture. The only drawback of the purchase option is unduly overpriced. But, having put a minimum of effort and a little imagination, parents can make a toy children’s kitchen from cardboard boxes with their own hands. Moreover, for the manufacture of such a gaming set does not require expensive materials – all the necessary details can always be found in any home.

Master class on making the children’s kitchen from the boxes

Before starting work, it is worth considering where the kitchen will be located. It is very good if there is an opportunity to place a play set in the children’s room. But you can also put the kitchen out of the boxes in the hallway or on the balcony.

Children's Kitchen Out Of The Box

Distinctive features of making a toy kitchen out of the box with your own hands:

  1. The simplicity and accessibility that does not require special skills and physical effort.
  2. The use of natural safe materials (cardboard, paper, plywood).
  3. Taking into account the individual characteristics of the child (height, age), as well as his preferences (favorite color, skills).

The main material required in the process

  • Large cardboard boxes (suitable for household appliances and diapers);
  • clear tape and large stapler;
  • adhesive colored paper in sufficient quantity to glue over the entire surface of the boxes;
  • colored markers;
  • plastic bottles;
  • several CDs;
  • foil;
  • plastic bowl;
  • the liquid dispenser is small;
  • office knife and scissors with sharp ends;
  • glue gun.

Children's Kitchen Out Of The Box

Step by step description with photo

  • Draw on a piece of paper a schematic layout of the future kitchen. In accordance with the idea, place the boxes and glue them together with adhesive tape and a glue gun. To prevent the boxes from falling apart any further, fasten all their parts with a stapler.
  • Use a stationary knife to cut the doors according to how they are opened. On top of one of the boxes, cut a round hole for washing, which coincides in diameter with the bottom of the prepared bowl.

Children's Kitchen Out Of The Box

  • Wrap the bowl with foil and insert into the slotted hole. Fasten the sides with a glue gun. From the edge of the resulting sink, make a small through the hole and insert the dispenser from a jar of liquid soap (faucet).
  • Glue the boxes with adhesive tape, colored paper or wallpaper.
  • In place of the gas burners, attach CDs and fix the plastic bottle caps (side of the burners and oven regulators) with a glue gun on the side.
  • Arrange the toy dishes, hang small towels.

All further actions to decorate the kitchen depending on your imagination and desire. In addition to the basic set, you can make various household appliances – a microwave, a refrigerator, a washing machine, and so on.

Children's Kitchen Out Of The Box

The proposed master class is only illustrative. Depending on age and preferences, you can make a kitchen according to your own ideas. One thing can be said with certainty: such a toy kitchen will not leave indifferent any child. Kids will be happy to play and develop, feeling like adults and independent masters of their own little world.

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