How To Invest In Real Estate

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 Most societies since time immemorial much of the foundation of wealth creation has been the tenure of land, real estate, great fortunes and dynasties were founded on the basis of wealth that real estate granted.

But for the modern citizen to talk about real estate investments is to talk about something unattainable, that requires large amounts of money to be realized and that collides with a reality where cash liquidity is not something that has in abundance.

Hi, My Name is David Parra and for the last 14 years I have been dedicated to the real estate area mainly focused on the development of commercial spaces , this experience has allowed me to define 6 different ways in which it is possible to generate income in real estate business without You have to assume the role of investor:

How To Invest In Real EstateI present the HEXAGONO INMOBILIARIO:

The Hexagono Real Estate

Discover How To Invest In Real Estate

Each of its sides represents an activity that can generate income in the exciting world of real estate.

The advantage is that you can generate income without investing your own money.

Property valueThe activities are as follows:

1.- Real Estate Brokerage:

This is the typical job of connecting buyers and sellers, it is an activity also known as real estate brokerage, where you can promote landowners’ properties or look for estates that require someone, that is to seek at the request of the buyer, in both cases you charge a commission for this work.

Property value2.- Marketing.-

Very similar to brokerage but in this case you are dedicated to sell specific projects, that is to say commercialize housing developments, departments, commercial plazas, etc. It is a more specialized activity, an art in itself.

3.-Would you ask.-

Advisers to companies or people who are about to develop real estate projects.

4.- References.-

Here you use your network of contacts, if you know of someone who is looking for a property and you have contact with the owner of that property, you simply pass the data to both people, if they make the site you carry a percentage of the commission that is paid, Very simple and with few complications.

Closeup of man counting payments for home5.- Administration of Properties.-

In this activity you are dedicated to carrying the real estate business of someone else, rent collection, maintenance of shopping centers, apartment buildings, billing, etc.

6.- Development of Projects.-

This is the most complex activity of all involves creating a project and developing it, in this case you take a commission for the development of the entire project.

In all these activities it is possible to go much further and that is what we will do in later deliveries, leave us your name and mail in the form that is on the right side of the page and we will notify you when we are publishing more information about it

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