How To Measure Marketing Kpis In Analytics

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How To Measure Marketing Kpis In Analytics

I’m not very fond of writing, this beginning may make you wonder if it’s worth this article (or not) or maybe it’s a bluff. Will he have written more articles? Is what he says true? But I ask you, are you analyzing me? Do you want to obtain data to make a decision about continuing reading? Are the data you can obtain relevant?

If so, I welcome you to the world of metrics and analytics, to the world of decision making.

We are not going to define what is a KPI since it is something that we can see in this article , but if we are going to analyze which KPIs are important and how to obtain this data because in the end the information is power.

How To Measure Marketing Kpis In AnalyticsIt is increasingly important to have information about our online business but it is very important that we do not go crazy and know how to select information that will be different depending on the business.

Online Store: I will focus on KPIs as income, sales, conversion rate or average ticket, always segmented by several dimensions such as the source of traffic, the day of the week or even the time (these are just some examples as it is they could put many more on everything focused on product)

Content medium: In this case, it will be very important to see how much content they consume and if they spend a lot of time on my page. It is more than likely that if I do not have them loyal to me they have found me through organic search for the specific topic they were looking for, but I need to verify if I am able to “hook” them and consume more content than they have been looking for. The icing on the cake would be if they are so seduced to subscribe to my newsletter.

How To Measure Marketing Kpis In AnalyticsCapture of leads: In this case I look for that they register in my form and leave their data to give them a posteriori service that can also be a product. It is essential to see how I capture leads and, especially, how many of these leads are finally translated into a sale, but this would probably give us another post.

These are only three examples although there could be more considering that each business is a world with its peculiarities.

I have defined my Kpis. How do I measure them?

It is the second most important question (the first is what my kpis are). Fortunately for this we have analytics. This discipline offers us many tools such as Google Analytics, one of the best analytical tools without a doubt.

With the basic implementation of Google Analytics that consists in putting a code like it on all pages (yes, in all, without exception), it will allow us to collect some data of great interest such as sessions, bounce rate or average duration of session; However, if we want more information such as the one mentioned above, this will be very short for us very quickly.

How To Measure Marketing Kpis In AnalyticsAn example of code would be the following:

I want to customize my measurement strategy; I want to adapt it to my business!

This is what the body asks of us! And the head! And the numbers and even the pocket! I want to gather the basic information for my business.

According to the cases described above we will need to make a specific marking, some practical examples are:

Events: It helps us to capture the information when the user performs some interaction, from clicking on a site through sending a form

E-commerce: It helps us to capture all the fundamental elements in an e-commerce, such as product visualizations, products added to the cart or transactions carried out

The way to configure all this is … I think it does not give me time for more and we’ll have to see it in the next post!

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