How To Promote Your Facebook Events

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How To Promote Your Facebook Events

There are many ways to promote an event. But when you do it on Facebook it is important that you consider a series of ideas and approaches that will make your event gain visibility, stand out from others or reach people who may really be interested in it.

# 1. Fill in all fields

Although it seems obvious, it is not so much. The information you convey to people interested in the event should be clear, direct and contain the essential elements to capture your attention.

It is true that you can then edit the information of the event, but it is convenient that you have previously thought very well the approach of what you are going to say. Once your contacts have received the invitations, the first impression is the one that counts, and you want that information to arrive very clearly to motivate your contacts to invite their friends to your event.

How To Promote Your Facebook Events# 2. Choose an appropriate name

The name of the event must fulfill two fundamental characteristics: it must be brief and contain keywords.

Four reasons:

Use keywords in the name. Make the title of the event contain words that draw the attention of the guests. Think that the invitation the people you invite will receive will appear as a further notification on the notifications panel. Since we usually have a lot of notifications and very diverse (comments and “I like” our publications, invitations to games, updates of people to whom we are subscribed … and, of course, events in excess), it is important that the Title is eye-catching and focused

Help with the searches. If the event makes you public – as you will see below -, the fact that the name of the event contains keywords will help anyone looking for an event of the theme that you propose find it in the search engine itself. If you look at the image below, when looking for “social media” we see events related to social media (even so, you have to recognize that in the Facebook search engine does not always show the results you expect and you have a long way to turn In a good search engine)

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Choose a brief name. Each notification (in the notifications panel) has about 140 characters visible . These characters include: “Your name” + “invited you to the event” + “event name”. If you have a long name or the name of the event is not brief, chances are that your complete message will not be read in the notification, which will stop transmitting what interests you. It is very important that you do a previous synthesis exercise. Sometimes it’s okay to “think about tweets”: when you write on Twitter you do it in a much more synthetic way

Do not use capital letters. Although you think that the capital letters draw more attention, the truth is that they tend to be quite annoying in all kinds of writings. And in this case they are no less annoying. See the notification of an event full of capital letters, in addition, does not offer much confidence, and it is easy that whoever receives it does not even read it

How To Promote Your Facebook Events# 3. Indicates date and time

This is also important information because it appears highlighted on the wall of the event. The more accurate you are the better. It is part of the first impression.

Attention! If your event takes place, for example, in Santiago de Chile, it is absurd to invite a contact who lives in Barcelona. Not by inviting more people will reach your event further. Be selective. Think well who you invite.

How To Promote Your Facebook Events# 4. Put only relevant information

Although you have space to put a lot of text, on the page of the event are only visible, at first sight, between 4 and 5 lines (about 40 words). The rest of the text is accessed through “See more”.

In that small space highlights the most important. If it is necessary to repeat keywords and the location of the event to make it clears what and where, do it, but get to the point.

In the rest of the body of the text, consider the following:

Structure the information in a very visual way: by points or by short paragraphs. Each should contain a single idea

In those paragraphs or points includes only relevant information for the event. Information that you know will be of interest to who can attend your event

Explain the “parallel benefits” of attending the event (whether there will be a raffle, a snack, book signing, or a networking session). Although this is not the most important of your event, it can make the undecided decide, even out of curiosity

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Includes links to url shorteners. is the most generalized and allows you to see how many people clicked on your link, where those clicks came from and who shared what you post. Even so, this post leads you to an analysis of shorteners that you may find useful

How To Promote Your Facebook Events# 5. Open the event to everyone.

Unless it is a clearly private event, make the event public. You are interested in giving him virality. How will you get it?

Allow your guests to invite other people: If you have managed to reach interested people, it is very likely that these people will invite other friends or contacts who know that you may be interested in your event. Do not make that only the administrators can publish in the event

Generates conversation in the event:  A Facebook event is, in form, akin to the wall of a group. Each time someone comments on an event in which you participate, a notification will be sent to all participants. Imagine that your event is like a group and it throws questions to the people about what they hope to find in the event, what they would like to do in addition to what you propose, what suggestions you can think of … You think it is also a way of working the pre-event, And that other people engage in the conversation will help you to participate in your physical event is more active

Recommend that you export the event to your calendar. Well in the bottom left, well in the upper right, Facebook allows you to export the event to Outlook or Google Calendar

Export the list of attendees to your event. If you do not want to complicate yourself by entering the panel of developers, use the free application Evuli. In three simple steps you will be able to quickly download an Excel listing of attendees, with name, surname, sex and direct link to your profile. Since all registered in a Facebook event can download this listing, this is also a way to add people with the same interests

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Do you often use the Events application? Do you have any other interesting suggestions or doubts about the events? You can leave them in the comments.

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